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Politicians urged to take a pledge for volunteering

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Volunteering Australia has asked political candidates to pledge to work in partnership with the volunteering sector to support the work of volunteers, volunteer managers and volunteer-involving organisations if elected on July 2.

Brett Williamson OAM, CEO, Volunteering Australia said, “Volunteering in Australia contributes an estimated 743 million hours of time to our community and $290 billion in economic value.”

“Volunteers and volunteer managers work across every aspect of Australian society: from health services, to sport and recreation, and emergency services; from looking after our libraries, to looking after our pets; from caring for disadvantaged people and the elderly, to caring for our environment,” said Williamson.

“But just like Australia, the way that we volunteer is changing.  In 2014, the number of Australians volunteering dropped for the first time in 20 years; yet Volunteering Australia’s recent State of Volunteering Report found that 86 per cent of organisations don’t have as many volunteers as they need.”

Volunteering Australia has asked all candidates in the federal election to take the following pledge and vote for volunteering:

I acknowledge that volunteering supports the work of the federal government through the delivery of core programs, making a significant contribution to the Australian economy and society. I further acknowledge that the delivery of successful volunteering programs requires adequate funding that must keep pace with the growth in demand.  I am concerned by reports that the number of volunteers in Australia is decreasing and believe Government must show the leadership required to encourage more people into volunteering.

“By taking the pledge to vote for volunteering, candidates are making the commitment if elected to support the continued growth of volunteering and stronger, healthier, more resilient communities,” Williamson said.



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