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LISTEN: Mathew Tinkler discusses the ‘Nauru files’

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Third Sector spoke to Mathew Tinkler, Director of Policy and Public Affairs, Save the Children, about the recently released ‘Nauru files’.

“The incidents were shocking and not a surprise to Save The Children as we saw the devastating impacts first hand,” said Tinkler.

Tinkler said that the Turnbull government did know about these incidents.

“The government cannot express some sort of mock outrage here as clearly they were aware,” he said.

“The [government] can’t bury their head in the sand.”

Tinkler said that Save the Children spoke out about Nauru on several occasions.

Listen to the podcast below to find out more about the Nauru files, why Save The Children no longer have a contract at Nauru and what Tinkler thinks the government needs to do to help the refugees.


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