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CEO of Camp Quality steps down

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After 16 years of being the CEO of Camp Quality, Simon Rountree has stepped down. Rountree’s last day took place on the 2nd of December.

“It has been a wonderful 16 years as CEO of Camp Quality and an absolute honour to be part of an organisation that creates a better life for children affected by cancer,” Rountree told Third Sector.

“During this time Camp Quality has set benchmarks in many areas including child protection, age appropriate cancer education and wellness programs. Our wellness program called Oranges is a cutting edge measurable positive psychology training program that builds resilience and optimism within people. It’s with this in mind that I now moving to the position of CEO of Oranges and look forward to making it a commercial success for the benefit of Camp Quality.”

Kylea Tink will be the new CEO of Camp Quality and will start her position next year January.

Tink was CEO for McGrath Foundation from 2008 to 2014. In her time since leaving McGrath she has gone on to work in areas as diverse as advocating for children in immigration detention centres in Australia (We’re Better Than This Australia) through to representing St John NSW, the Miracle Babies Foundation, Simply Giving and the Mary MacKillop Foundation.

According to Tink the opportunity to join Camp Quality was something she couldn’t be more excited about.

“For me, in a world where chaos so often seems to abound everything that Camp Quality stands for reaches so far within our community – optimism, hope, resilience, mindfulness, gratitude and persistence – these are the sort of things that our entire society can benefit from not just kids and families experiencing cancer,” she said.

“One of my earliest jobs actually involved me working for the Area Health Service that included the Royal Children’s Hospital at Randwick and I’ve got to say it was such an amazing time for me. Whenever I felt I was having a tough day I would just go and visit one of the kids wards and everything would be brought back into perspective. Kids just instinctively know how to live, laugh and love and I’m super excited to be a part of helping spread that magic as part of the Camp Quality team.”






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