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Sponsored: What makes a NFP well-run?

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 “If we truly want charities to grow, be more effective and have greater impact, we need to encourage them to invest in growth and in running professional organisations” – 2015 ‘Well-run‘ survey’, Donor Respondent.

So does the sector need to become more professional in how it manages its business? – it appears a growing number of funders seem to think so.

What impact do the investment choices made into Not for Profit (NFP) capacity building development have on the effective and efficient delivery of services and the overall outcomes achievement? – recently conversations are turning to the adequacy of investment into capacity building with funders starting to recognise the need to support this type of activity.

Therefore, in an environment of changing perceptions and rapid reform, what defines whether a NFP organisation is ‘well-run’?

In 2015, Good Foundations conducted a survey to start the conversation to help determine what constitutes a well-run NFP organisation.

The 2017 survey builds on the previous research and is influenced by the current conversations developing in the sector. Whilst continuing to assess how the sector and individual organisations rate themselves against the key elements from the 2015 survey we have incorporated a particular focus on leadership, investment and governance.

Third Sector believes a strong and impactful not-for-profit sector is vital to society so we have joined with Good Foundations as their media partner for this important piece of research.

The 2015 survey indicated that being well-run has a strong correlation with having greater impact. You can find out more about what Good Foundations do on their website, http://www.goodfoundations.com.au/our-work/.

Third Sector encourages you to take 10 – 12 minutes to complete the survey here.  We think that the survey will spark discussions in the sector and prompt people to reflect on how well their organisation fares in each of the criteria discussed.

Surveys like this help us gather information and obtain data to help shape the right conversations to achieve impact and change in the not-for-profit sector.

The survey will be open until Wednesday April 12th.  Please forward the survey on to anyone in the sector who might benefit from exploring what it takes to be a well-run NFP. All responses are confidential and will not be disclosed to any third parties without prior consent. Results will be published and freely available from July on Good Foundations’ website.


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