Have your say: The top fundraisers of 2015/2016


Third Sector is conducting a survey in order to find out what our readers feel are the top five Fundraising campaigns from 2015/16.

Five experts from the industry put forward their favourite campaigns from the last year, which were then compiled by Third Sector into a top 14 list.

We are giving our readers a chance to choose their top three from the compiled list, as well as the opportunity to suggest a campaign that may have been overlooked.

How does the survey work?

There will be a list of 14 campaigns – the organisations name and information about the fundraiser will be provided. You just have to simply pick your top three. If you think of a campaign that was not mentioned, just write it in at the bottom of the survey, this will be counted as one of your three choices. From these nominations, we will be picking a people’s choice award!

Who was the expert team who helped compile this list?

The team of five include Stephen Mally, Director of Fundraising Force; Jo Scard, Managing Director of Fifty Acres, Kimberly Downes, Philanthropy advisor; Leo Orland, Managing Partner, Robe John; and Paul Bailey,  Fundraising & Communications Strategy consultant.

Scard named Thankyou’s Chapter One campaign as one of the top fundraising campaigns of the year. She said Chapter One is “an innovative rollout of publishing a book”.

Mally picked Kiss Goodbye to MS from MS Research Australia as one of his favourite fundraising initiatives of the year. Mally said, “The campaign has now spread to 10 countries, including the US. An example where Australian non-profits lead the way and others follow!”

Take a look at the list and choose your top three and don’t forget to suggest another campaign if you think it should be mentioned!

Click here for the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/D22XY7B