7 new housing units for the disabled to rise in Gippsland Region


Next year, five shared homes and two independent units will rise on a 1,000 sqm site in Sale, Gippsland, thanks to the efforts of not-for-profit community housing provider Community Housing Ltd (CHL) together with the Five Star Project and the Victorian Property Fund (VSP). 

The project will provide age-appropriate and affordable housing for vulnerable young people, specifically those living with a disability or progressive illness. This is intended to reduce the number of individuals living in inappropriate institutionalised accommodation like aged care. 

CHL secured funding from the VPF’s program aimed at increasing the supply of environmentally sustainable community housing for low income and disadvantaged Victorians. The Five Star projected donated the land where the SDAs are set to rise. 

Currently, an estimated 1,634 young people in residential aged care in Victoria. With only 318 Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) developments underwaythis indicates a significant shortfall in suitable accommodation options available. 

Addressing the lack of specialised facility for people with disability 

Leo O’Brien of the Five Star Project lamented that many people with disability aged 17 to 64 have to live in inappropriate settings such as aged care facilities due to the lack of suitable accommodation. 

He said 20 young people with disabilities in Sale alone live in aged care facilities that lack the equipment and services to cater to their unique needs.  

“The missing piece is the availability of supported accommodation for younger people who need a level of care. This makes it important to work with our partners and supporters  people with disability and their families and friends, all levels of government, business, community organisations, and health professionals, disability service providers, housing providers and funding bodies,” he said. 

Meanwhile, CHL managing director Steve Bevington said the VPF investment of $1.6 million in funding to deliver specialty housing units couldn’t have come at a more critical time. 

“We welcome the support of the State government and are humbled to be in a position to deliver more affordable and specialised disability accommodation to allow vulnerable Victorians to live their life to the full, in a home that’s built for their needs and abilities,” Bevington said. 

“As a leading community housing provider, increasing the supply of affordable and accessible housing is our top priority. We have more than 25 years of experience developing affordable and specialized disability accommodation projects allowing low income and disadvantaged Australians to live independently with dignity, he said.  

The SDA units will feature individually tailored support packages, staff accommodation, and will be in close proximity to shops and transportation.  

The facilities will also be fully compliant with the Objectives and Principles of the NDIS Act 2013 of the Australian Government. And accredited by Victorian Framework for Disability Standards and ISO 9001 International Quality Management System.  

Residents will also have a choice between the main house or individual self-contained units, depending on their needs.  

The project is due for completion in April 2021.