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Brisbane finding cure for COVID-19 need donations for research

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Brisbane researchers are close to finding cure for COVID-19, but they are in need of $750,000 to fund the trial.

Two types of drugs have successful stopped Coronavirus in lab testing. Clinical trial on human is ready.

The drug is effective, according to RBWH Infectious Diseases Physician Professor David Paterson, the main person overseeing the research. However, they will need to determine which one is better than the other.

Both safe for use in Australia, one medication treats malaria, while the other HIV in test tubes studies. The drug has been administered to COVID-19 patients abroad and showed promising results.

“Potentially down the road, it’s even something a general practitioner could prescribe,” Paterson said in article posted in 7news.com.au

But while the drug has potential to cure the infection, human trials are needed to make it close to certainty.

Paterson’s team are coordinating with hospitals in NSW and Victoria to work on a common protocol. And if a trial is successful, the researchers would know within three months if these drugs are effective to treat coronavirus.


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