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CBM’s Miracles Day: Making miracles with the gift of sight

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CBM’s Miracles Day

Restoring the sight of 52,000 people: that is the goal of CBM’s Miracles Day, with Australians being asked to give just $33 for the miracle of sight-saving cataract surgery.

On Thursday 18 August, CBM is asking Australians to give just $33 for the miracle of sight-saving cataract surgery. Miracles Day aims to highlight the 94 million people around the world in need of a cataract operation.

Jane Edge, CEO of Australia’s leading disability-inclusive international development agency CBM, said cataracts were one of the world’s leading causes of blindness, with most of those affected living in the world’s poorest countries – where surgery is often out of reach.

“The pandemic has really exacerbated the need, with a backlog of people needing surgery,” she said. “CBM is working on the ground with its partners to ensure children and adults, who could experience irreparable damage if surgery was delayed, are able to still receive surgery.”

Last year, CBM provided eye screening, examination, treatment, and surgeries to 310,000 people in countries including Nepal, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Bangladesh.

In the decade that Miracles Day has been running, Australians have generously gifted 300,000 miracles of sight-saving surgery to people living needlessly blind in the world’s poorest places.

Edge urged people to consider making a $33 donation.

“Each cataract surgery costs $33, takes just 12 minutes, and can change the life of someone forever,” she said. “We are asking Australians to show their generosity again this year.”

“$33 is not even the cost of two movie tickets. Miracles Day gives us the opportunity to help change someone’s life for less than it would cost to go out to a movie or a meal with a friend.

“For many of us, it is a small sacrifice, but that one act has a huge impact – giving someone living in poverty the surgery they desperately need to restore their sight. It’s something that will change their life forever.”

To donate to CBM’s Miracles Day, call 131 226 or visit miraclesday.com.au


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