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Charities to help tackle food insecurity with $300K in grants

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food insecurity

Some $300,000 in support grants will help communities battling food insecurity as a result of a three-year partnership between the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR) and the Kellogg Australia Charitable Foundation (KACF). 

Kellogg Australia is committed to tackling hunger and helping to create a more sustainable future for generations to come. Now, with the new partnership between KACF and FRRR, their combined efforts can help tackle hunger and build resilience in vulnerable rural and regional communities throughout the country,” the two charities said in a joint statement.  

The grants are designed to benefit low socio-economic regions in need, and disadvantaged communities facing high levels of food insecurity. 

The funds will be part of FRRR’s Strengthening Rural Communities program, which aims to give small remote, rural and regional communities across Australia an opportunity to access funding to strengthen their vitality and resilience. Grants are flexible and respond to community-identified priorities, such as food security.  

In addition to the KACF funding, Kellogg Australia has also put forward in-kind support in the form of food donations, as well volunteering from its employees. 

Esme Borgelt, Managing Director Kellogg Australia said, “The last couple of years have seen so many of our communities facing increasingly difficult times. From droughts to bushfires to a global health pandemic, the impact on everyone has been significant, and those hardest hit have been our remote, rural and regional communities. 

“Almost a quarter of Australians experiencing food insecurity live in regional or remote areas and the aim of the KACF partnership with the FRRR is to provide support at a grassroots level to help these communities implement innovative, locally led solutions, she said.   

The partnership will help tackle food insecurity with the knowledge and experience of the local needs by local leaders on the ground. 

Natalie Egleton, FRRR’s CEO, said, “It’s fantastic to see a leading global food manufacturer like Kellogg’s make it their overarching mission to leave a mark of meaningful difference. We are delighted to be partnering with them to ensure that support reaches vulnerable communities beyond metropolitan boundaries. 

“While the grants will be awarded based on locally identified community priorities, there will be a focus on supporting food security initiatives and enterprises, food affordability and food access programs, as well as projects such as community gardens and school and educational food programs,” she said.  



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