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How not-for-profits can create impactful social media content

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Not-for-profits can use social media platforms to highlight their stance on social issues, showcasing thought leadership, directly engaging with the audience, mobilising supporters, and building rapport—all at a relatively low cost.  

Social media and earned media can work closely together, amplifying a not-for-profit’s message and reaching a wider audience. For not-for-profits already gaining traction via earned media outlets, social media can further drive engagement and conversations, utilising its two-way communication feature.  

Here are our top tips for not-for-profits looking to create impactful social media content to achieve communications objectives.  

1. Don’t be afraid to create a wide range of multimedia content  

Did you know that social media posts, including visual content, garner 650% more engagement than text-only social media content?  

We are no longer restricted to plain text, and engaging assets can be created easily. Try experimenting with various forms of content, such as photos and graphic visuals, compelling videos, and even interactive initiatives.  

2. Boundary-spanning and coalition-building  

With the networked nature of social media, we can join forces across borders to build communities around shared causes. Remember #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo? These are successful case studies of using social media to amplify messages and strengthen the impact of causes.  

Social media platforms continue to push for initiatives beneficial for not-for-profits. Launched in 2019, TikTok for Good is an initiative that encourages users to create content supporting various social causes. This is a prime example of using social media to facilitate positive change.   

3. Accumulate social media capital.  

Constantly engaging and interacting with your audience will nurture a network of followers. This accumulated social media capital can be vital in driving campaigns and mobilising supporters.  

Who Gives a Crap – well-known for their eco-friendly toilet papers and their for-good initiatives are an excellent example of using accumulated social media capital to benefit them in building a solid community.  

4. Don’t forget offline initiatives as well!  

While social media is a powerful tool, offline activities remain crucial to a not-for-profit’s communication strategy; integrating online and offline efforts will create a stronger and more cohesive communication strategy.  

Events, roadshows, seminars, and workshops can be utilised to integrate offline and online activities for your campaigns. You may be surprised at how these can create a more cohesive and robust campaign.  

Fifty Acres is an award-winning agency, with a wealth of experience doing good work for great organisations. We work alongside not-for-profits and community organisations committed to making an impact through policy change, awareness or education.  

Get in touch today at or email Mention this article to receive a free strategic consultation session.  

Jo Scard, Founder and CEO of communications and engagement agency Fifty Acres, has over 20 years’ experience in communications, corporate and political advisory roles and journalism making her one of Australia’s foremost strategic advisers. A respected former journalist in the UK and Australia Jo has worked with ITV, Associated Press, Seven Network, SBS, ABC and Fairfax. Jo has been a senior adviser to the Rudd and Gillard government’s and to the British Labour Party. A trained lawyer she is a Member of the NSW Council of the Public Relations Institute of Australia and on the Boards of Fitted for Work and Hockey ACT. Jo started Fifty Acres over ten years ago because she wanted to create an agency that supported flexible work and that was motivated by strong values and work in the for-purpose sectors.


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