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Improving Collaboration Between Fundraising Teams and Volunteer Managers

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Integrating volunteer management and fundraising initiatives is becoming increasingly vital. Nonprofits need to look for new ways to raise money as the cost of living goes up and the competition for funding gets more fierce.  

Rosterfy’s white paper titled “Volunteers as Fundraisers” created in association with Jigsaw Fundraising, delves into the ways in which fundraising teams and volunteer managers can better work together to meet fundraising targets. 

The Value of Volunteers as Fundraisers 

Nonprofit operations depend heavily on volunteers, who donate their time, expertise, and devotion without expecting payment. Their close ties to the organisation make them prospective funders and fundraisers in addition to dependable supporters. Volunteer management and fundraising teams have traditionally worked in isolation, but removing these obstacles can have a big impact. 

For example, the Vision Generation Program at World Vision leveraged passionate volunteer school captains and youth church attendees to increase the 40 40-hour famine income by 43% in one year. These volunteers not only raised funds but also expanded outreach, bypassing expensive marketing techniques and recruiting thousands of new regular donors. 

Volunteers as Brand Ambassadors and lifelong donors 

A vital part of promoting nonprofit groups is done by volunteers. While some volunteers lead their own fundraising campaigns, others contribute equally well by talking about their satisfying experiences. A volunteer’s positive testimonial about your organisation might greatly increase your fundraising efforts. 

Relying on your current donors has its limitations. By utilising your volunteers and ensuring that they enjoy their time with your organisation increases the likelihood of your volunteers telling their friends and family to support your cause online and in person. This may lead to new opportunities for donors. 

The long-term effects of volunteers on your company are equally noteworthy. Providing a bequest to a charity is a kind gesture that frequently results from a close relationship with a nonprofit. This connection frequently includes volunteers, whether they’ve been with your organisation for a short or long time. 

The connections that volunteers make are priceless. Whether they are preparing meals, working in hospitals, serving on boards, or fundraising, volunteers witness the tangible benefits your nonprofit provides. These firsthand experiences inspire them to support your organisation even more. 

Strategies for Effective Collaboration 

1. Centralised Systems  

Implementing a centralised volunteer management system is crucial. Technologies like Rosterfy integrate seamlessly with nonprofit CRMs such as Blackbaud, Raiser’s Edge, Hubspot, and Salesforce. This integration allows for smooth data migration, enabling both teams to track volunteer activities and fundraising contributions from a single platform. This centralised approach simplifies processes for volunteers and helps quantify the combined impact of volunteer and fundraising efforts. 

Take a look at how Rosterfy’s VMS can help centralise data between volunteer management and fundraising teams to improve operational efficiency, enhance the volunteer experience and meet fundraising goals. Learn more 

2. Regular Communication and Shared Goals  

Volunteer management and fundraising teams need to work together to ensure transparency and consistency that is mutually beneficial to both the organisation and its volunteers.  

With a central VMS in place, teams can work together to find the balance between volunteer and fundraising communications and monitor the open, reply and bounce rates of those communications.  

For some organisations, they may only have volunteer opportunities at certain times of the year, so this could be a great time for fundraising teams to engage with volunteers through stories, news and calls to action.  

3. Recognising and Rewarding Volunteers  

Acknowledging the contributions of volunteers in service is just as vital as recognising their fundraising efforts. Little things like the CEO writing a thank-you email or recognising their accomplishments in newsletters can make a big difference in motivating and retaining employees over the long run. Honouring volunteer accomplishments fosters a solid, gratifying rapport that promotes ongoing participation and support. 

Take a look at how Rosterfy allows organisations to track and acknowledge key milestones and achievements including birthdays, anniversaries and hours volunteered through their reward and recognition functionality. Learn more 

4. Training and Empowerment  

Giving volunteers training in fundraising can enable them to act as more powerful advocates for your nonprofit. This entails teaching people how to make the most of their networks, make effective use of fundraising resources, and effectively convey the organisation’s objective. Volunteers who feel empowered are more likely to take the lead and lead productive fundraising initiatives. 

Systems like Rosterfy offer inbuilt training modules, allowing the volunteer to complete training from within their volunteer account. Learn more 

5. Leveraging Volunteer Experiences 

The most effective supporters and fundraisers are frequent volunteers who have personally experienced the benefits of the nonprofit’s work. Their personal stories and connections can be powerful tools in fundraising campaigns. Nonprofits should encourage volunteers to share their experiences and highlight these stories in their outreach efforts. 

A nonprofit’s capacity to reach its funding objectives can be greatly improved by the collaboration of its volunteer management and fundraising teams. Nonprofits can develop an integrated approach that maximises the contributions of both volunteers and fundraisers by putting in place integrated mechanisms, encouraging regular communication, acknowledging volunteer contributions, offering training, and drawing on personal experiences. 

Embracing these collaborative approaches will drive financial sustainability and amplify the organisation’s impact on the community. 

Download Rosterfy’s White Paper to find out more about improving collaboration between fundraising teams and volunteer managers! 

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Rosterfy is used by nonprofits, charities, sporting federations, local governments, and more to better manage their volunteer programs by improving how they can recruit, screen, train, and retain volunteers.

Their market leading technology helps organisations create engaging experiences through their impressive automations engine, which automates 75% of the end to end workforce journey for workforce and volunteer programs.

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Menchie Khairuddin is a writer Deputy Content Manager at Akolade and content producer for Third Sector News. She is passionate about social affairs specifically in mixed, multicultural heritage and not-for-profit organisations.


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