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“Less activism in schools”: Morrison will not support school student protest

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Thousands of Australian school students will go ahead with a strike despite the Prime Minister’s insistence that he will not support the climate change protest.

This Friday, November 30, school students will walk out of their classrooms in protest of the government’s inaction on climate change. The protest, dubbed ‘School Strike 4 Climate Action’, will see students from 20 centres participate across the nation.

“Kids should go to school. That is what we are committed to, kids should go to school,” Morrison said. “We don’t support the idea of kids not going to school.

“We do not support schools being turned into parliaments. We think kids should be in school. What we want is more learning and less activism in schools.”

This response comes after Greens MP Adam Bandt asked the Prime Minister during question time if he would support the brave children taking a stand against the inaction.

After the dismissal during question time, Bandt tweeted: “As Deputy PM exploded and was almost kicked out, PM said students should just do what they’re told and trust gov on climate change. I’m with the students on this one.”

The students said that “simply going to school isn’t doing anything” and were enraged at politicians for not doing anything, “or at least not enough about climate change”. To see through the campaign, students have called on Morrison to act.

Their demands include stopping the Adani coal mine, ensuring there are no new coals or gases implemented and that 100 per cent renewable energy is achieved by 2030.

In a recent blog post, a Cronulla student called for a meeting with Morrison, either with herself or with the students that will protest in person at Parliament House.

“We are striking from school to show how serious we are,” she said. “We are willing to risk our education because this problem is so important to us, and we don’t understand what the point of learning facts at school is if politicians keep ignoring them.”


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