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Thinking outside the box to help those in need

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Box of Dreams is an initiative of bookkeeping franchise First Class Accounts, which aims to do good work by tapping into business and personal networks rather than fundraising for money.

“It would certainly be easier to make dreams come true through direct fundraising, but it’s a lot more meaningful when money isn’t involved and in a time when most people are struggling to make ends meet themselves it allows people a chance to still give back to the community,” said Steve Barrett Box of Dreams CEO.

“As the saying goes, money doesn’t buy happiness and the work Box of Dreams is doing is proof of that.”

Barrett is encouraging people to visit the charity’s website, and submit the dream of someone they know who is in need, or offer assistance to help bring one of the ‘dreams’ to fruition.

The charity concept started overseas but was brought to Australia by First Class Accounts two months ago.

“My cousin started the concept and when we heard what he was doing we jumped at the chance to bring the idea to Australia,” said Barrett.

Box of Dreams has already helped several families and individuals by putting the call out to a growing network of contacts and connections.

“For example, recently we were able to deliver computer tablets to five children from the same family who were in foster care, thanks to the generosity of a complete stranger,” said Barrett.

“It’s so rewarding to be able to organise something like that through good old fashioned networking and people wanting to make a difference.”

When asked about the non-traditional, non-monetary model of charity work, Barrett said it was hard to put a value on the people you know and when people work together the possibilities are endless.

“What we most want at the moment is to let more people know about the opportunity to request a dream and help make a change in someone’s life. There is so much scope for the people we can help but right now not enough people know about what we do,” said Barrett.

People interested in submitting a dream to Box of Dreams, or becoming involved with the work of the charity, are encouraged to do so by visiting the website at www.boxofdreams.com.au or the Facebook page, facebook.com/BoxOfDreamsAus/.



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