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ME quadruples donations to support the fight against breast cancer

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National Breast Cancer Foundation CEO, Professor Sarah Hosking thanked ME and its pink cardholders for raising over $1 million of donations to date.

“The funds raised through ME’s pink card will go towards game-changing research, such as Professor Alexander Dobrovic’s project on liquid biopsies for detecting traces of breast cancer in the blood,” she said. “This support – especially throughout this challenging year − will enable us to further advance world-class research to stop deaths from breast cancer.”

ME’s cardholders can use Apple Pay or Google Pay to pay for purchases on eligible devices – yet another way to be COVID-safe.

ME is turning everyday transactions into action during Breast Cancer Awareness month this October. ME is quadrupling the amount donated from 1 to 4 cents every time customers pay with ‘pink’ − ME’s Everyday Transaction Account card – dedicated to helping the National Breast Cancer Foundation fund research into the fight against breast cancer.

As a cardholder, it costs nothing as ME donates on behalf of the customer. The more people that apply for and pay with pink, the more ME donates.

ME’s Chief Experience Officer, Ingrid Purcell said donations to charities have plunged since the outbreak of COVID-191, which is why it’s important to find other ways for Australians to keep giving.

“ME’s pink buck card allows customers to continue giving when money is tight, as it doesn’t cost a thing,” she said. “Whether you’re using your pink card to spend online or on some mid-week takeaway, it’s an easy way to turn everyday transactions into action.”

“This is ME’s largest donation per transaction to date, and we’re hoping to really turn up the dial on
donations during Breast Cancer Awareness month this October,” Purcell said.


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