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With the increased competition and market saturation, a decline in giving, the rising importance of donor trust and transparent reporting, coupled with the disruption triggered by COVID and an evolving world; the need for a more innovative, commercial, data-driven, cost effective and efficient way for NFPs to operate has emerged. 


As the tide continues to turn for NFPs, bringing with it more complexity and ambiguity - the need to move towards financial sustainability, while embracing innovation and a leadership approach that can propel them into the new digital world has become mission critical.  


With that in mind,  Third Sector is excited to bring you the NFP Leaders Virtual Summit, taking place 16th – 18th February 2021.  


Join us at the NFP Leaders Summit to explore how your NFP can achieve financial sustainability, embrace innovation and adopt a leadership approach for a new digital world.  We look forward to seeing you there!   

Attend and learn how to:

Embrace the commercial and business opportunities that have emerged from the new world of work and the digital economy 

Transform the traditional function of finance to become a supportive and strategic partner to the business and to embed finance literacy and commercial acumen across the organisation 

Leverage technologies to transform back-end operations, gain efficiencies, enable data-driven decisionmaking and the ability to better measure outcomes with more transparency 

Adopt innovative thinking and methods to help drive new ways of working, and the ability to identify new commercial opportunities that aim to increase new sources of revenue 

Embrace a commercial model of operating, without sacrificing the mission or compromising its ethics and integrity  


Abiola Ajetemobi

Director - Innovation Hub 
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre 

Alex Lee

Chief Executive Officer
The Glen 

Amanda Tobler

Chief Executive Officer
Community Services #1 

Lalith Abeysena

Chief Financial Officer/
Chief Operations Officer
Diabetes Vic

Sturt Eastwood

Chief Executive Officer
Diabetes NSW & ACT and 
Diabetes Queensland 

Alistair Brown

Chief Financial Officer
Save the Children

Carolyn Morris

Chief Executive Officer

Dylan Rose

National Manager Customer Experience (CX) and Supporter Operations
The Smith Family  

Sarah Broome

Head of GAMSAT & Med Interview Services
Halad to Health

Jonathon Peatfield


Chie Bourke

Yawurum Project Officer – Data Specialist Cultural Therapeutic Ways & The Outcomes Project
Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA)

Shantai Croisdale

Executive Manager: Outcomes and Evaluation
Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA)

Mandy Doon

Co-founder and Director
Community Services.net (CSnet)

Joanna Matthew

Head of Education and Professionalism
Financial Planning Association of Australia

Marcus Duhon

Customer Success Manager
Higher Logic

Dr Daniel McDiarmid


Sam Krauser

Digital Innovation Lead

Jim Hungerford

Chief Executive Officer 
The Shepherd Centre

Tom Schlosser

Head of Data Analytics and Innovation 
Childfund Australia

Todd Berkinshaw

Chief Executive Officer
Biodiverse Carbon Conservation

John Kelly

Group Chief Executive Officer
The National Heart Foundation

Katherine Burchfield

Executive Director
Services and Strategy
Royal Far West

Peter Batsakis

General Manager Corporate Services
Able Australia 

Tara Anderson

Co-founder and Director
Dragonfly Collective

David Jack

Chief Executive Officer
Social Impact Institute

Andrew Curtis

Co-Founder & Director
The Dragonfly Collective

"The conference provided a great opportunity to meet with others from the not-for-profit sector, broaden and deepen knowledge about current imperatives, trends, innovations and responses."
Gillian Wilks
Social Security Rights Victoria
"I got a lot of value from the speakers - really useful to hear what else is happening in the NFP sector."
Justin Bunter
General Manager Corporate Services Independent Living Centre WA/ Indigo
"This event was most useful as it makes you think of ideas and different ways of doing things outside your every day business 'fish bowl'."
Ross Bidencope
Chief Finance Officer
Surf Lifesaving NSW

Summit Agenda

09:20 AM |  Welcome Address


09:10 AM | Insights from the Top: Embracing Change and Building a Commercial Community Benefit Organisation 
In this session, John will share his thought leadership on the ways he is embracing change while building a commercial yet mission focused organisation  

  • How the Heart Foundation has restructured its organisation to prepare for and adapt to change – by encouraging risk, innovation, agility and being outcomes driven, rather than focussing on outputs, investing in culture and focussing on purpose  
  • Working with the Board to restructure its make-up and functioning to improve governance, and Board accountability  
  • Why everybody is a leader… why leaders need to keep it simple, do less better, step up and lead and call out unacceptable behaviours  

John Kelly, Group CEO, The National Heart Foundation 

09:50 AM | Leveraging  a  customer-centric approach  to  drive sustainable  social innovation 

  • Mapping out and understanding your customer experience  
  • Listening to donors and customers and understanding their wants and needs to deliver on their mutual objectives 
  • Ensuring communications talk to the wants and needs of your community and audiences  
  • Developing products and services that meet the needs of all your customers   
  • Developing an integrated services approach to tackle today’s complex social issues 

AbiolaAjetomobi,  Director Innovation Hub,  Asylum Seeker Resource Centre


10:30 AM | Morning Break


11:00 AM | The social enterprise: How can NFPs benefit financially from social enterprise model?  

  • How social enterprise offers a sustainable business model for revenue generation   
  • Riding the wave of the conscious Australian consumer   
  • Busting through the criticism of operational and admin spending   
  • Partnering with social enterprises, rather than becoming one! 

Alex Lee,Chief Executive Officer,  The Glen 



11:40 AM | Launcing DayDATE® – raising funds for every day of the year. 

Demonstrating a fundraising system that enables supporters to fund your organisation every day of the year. Hear how two years of R&D have produced a new fundraising system. DayDATE® launches at the NFP Leaders conference, and gives conference participants first-mover advantage over other nonprofit organisations. DayDATE® is unique in these respects: supporters can choose the date for their support, they can give by donation or sponsorship and immediately get the correct receipt, and their support is automatically recognised on the NFP’s website, on their chosen day. The technology challenges were significant, but in the end, form an elegant solution that will drive more money to Non-profit organisations, so they can be funded, every day of the year. 

Dr Daniel McDiarmid, Director, AskRIGHT 
Sam Krauser, Digital Innovation Lead,AskRIGHT 


12:20 PM | Case study
How Diabetes Vic has driven financial sustainability  by  embracing innovation 

  • Setting an innovation agenda – How to drive and get one off the ground  
  • How to break out of your core business and embrace new commercial opportunities without sacrificing your mission 
  • Getting the wider business on board with thinking and working more innovatively and commercially 
  • Examining the launch of For-Purpose Commercial Solutions   
  • How to increase your service quality during a pandemic through enabling technology 

LalithAbeysena,  Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer,Diabetes Vic


01:00 PM | Lunch Break


02:00 PM | Managing  complexity  and  ambiguity: The new business imperative 

  • Discussing the mindset and self-regulation required for managing complexity and ambiguity  
  • Developing a network view rather than viewing the company in isolation   
  • The role of storytelling and the ability to influence   
  • Embracing failure, taking risks and iterating versus planning 

Tom  Schlosser,  Head of Data Analytics and Innovation, Childfund Australia


02:40 PM | Case study
Becoming a  high-performance  organisation while delivering on your mission 

  • How to ustechnology to create new services and expand into rural communities  
  • Investing, scaling and replicating their move towards a national organisation  
  • How to evolve from one program and one grant to multiple streams of revenue  
  • The move into property development – how to makthe most out of land and property assets  
  • Developing the right leadership approach to embrace change and shift culture  

Katherine  Burchfield,  Executive Director Services and Strategy,  Royal Far West


03:20 PM | Digital Transformation and Shifting Mindsets at Diabetes NSW, ACT & QLD

  • How they uncovered what needed to transform and shift and how they wanted to go about it   
  • How they conducted an in-depth review and analysis of their structure and identified ways to align with their new strategy    
  • The end – end people and culture strategy developed to power their transformation   
  • The systems they designed to deliver their strategy and how they operationalised them  

Sturt  Eastwood,  Chief Executive Officer,  Diabetes NSW & ACT and Diabetes Queensland


04:00 PM | Increasing Life Educations long term impact, reach and delivery approach for health and wellbeing education

  • Created a staff wellbeing program 
  • Systems overhaul – roll out of salesforce, employment hero and Uprise 
  • Efficiency review of our delivery model 
  • Financial sustainability strategy 
  • Embedded weekly strategy reviews 
  • Created versions of all our programs for online and virtual delivery 
  • Focused on sector collaboration  

Jonathon Peatfield, CEO – NSW/ACT, LIFE EDUCATION 


04:50 PM | End of day one and closing remarks from the Chair

09:00 AM | Welcome Address


09:00 AM |  Embracing new world opportunities  to  drive outcomes  and  income 

  • Evolving from a more conventional approach towards a fully-fledged digital approach  
  • Generating a new income stream by establishing a new suite of products to license out  
  • How to build a digital platform, operated as a social enterprise, to generate new income  
  • How to plan to repurpose and capitalise on that platform in the future  

Jim Hungerford,  Chief Executive Officer,  The Shepherd Centre


09:40 AM | Innovate, expand, collaborate or die – How Community Services #1 are transforming for a new world!

  • Identifying the systems and approaches embraced to transform an entire culture 
  • Discussing the unconventional way of strategic planning and moving away from obsessing over finances and towards a focus on value creation and outcomes 
  • How to make the board and staff hungry for innovation and examining the innovation journey to get them there 
  • How Community Services #1 has moved towards becoming a learning organisation and discussing the innovation roadmap ahead

Amanda Tobler,  Chief Executive Officer,  Community Services #1


10:50 AM | Rethinking member communications: Reclaim your data 

The FPA has an active membership of over 12,000 individuals and was effectively utilising a range of communication channels (social media, direct mail and eDM’s) to keep in touch with members.  However, partnering with Higher Logic and implementing a community platform gave the FPA the opportunity to rethink member communications, increasing the ROI for communications spend and revolutionise member insights. 

Joanna Matthew, Head of Education and Professionalism, Financial Planning Association of Australia

Marcus Duhon, Customer Success Manager, Higher Logic


11:20 AM | Morning Break


11:50 AM | Embedding Indigenous culture and practice in system design 

  • Meeting the needs of an Indigenous community service organisation 
  • Embedding a cultural outcomes framework and practice 
  • Exploring the relationship between the organisation and CSnet, project management, governance, communication and cooperation with funders 
  • Putting in place ongoing training and support for staff, and  
  • Achieving benefits to the organisation and community. 

Chie Bourke, YawurumProject Officer – Data Specialist Cultural Therapeutic Ways & The Outcomes Project, Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA)

Shantai Croisdale, Executive Manager: Outcomes and Evaluation, Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA) 

Mandy Doon, Co-founder and Director, Community Services.net (CSnet) 


12:20 PM | The emergence of finance business partners in NFPs – Who are they, what role do they play?  

  • What is a finance business partner? 
  • Understanding and getting the business partnering model right 
  • Effectively providing financial information tools and insights to the business and driving business strategy 

Alistair Brown, Chief Financial Officer, Save the Children 


01:00 PM | Panel Discussion 
Finance leaders challenges  in  an  ever evolving  and  complex landscape   

  • Examining how the responsibilities of finance leaders are evolving in the NFP sector?   
  • Discussing why finance leaders must take the role of advisors to the organisation 
  • What can finance leaders do to manage limited resources?  
  • Identifying where current NFP finance leaders need to upskill?  
  • How technology has and will continue to impact a finance leaders role 

LalithAbeysena,  Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer,  Diabetes Vic  

Alistair Brown, Chief Financial Officer, Save the Children 


01:30 PM | Lunch Break


02:30 PM | From Traditional to Digital – The Journey to Virtual Y

  • The impact of COVID and how it created the need for Virtual Y 
  • What Virtual Y looks like and how it has spurred innovation across the organisation   
  • How Virtual Y is a new norm for their customers and here to stay long term   
  • The breaking down of siloes and creation of cross-functional groups working with speed and agility   
  • How the Y transformed internal communications with employees and volunteers 

Carolyn  Morris,  Chief Executive Officer,  YMCA Vic


03:10 PM | Case Study
Adopting an innovative value driven approach to project delivery 

  • Creating an agile squad to focus on innovative supporter retention enhancements, digitisation and automation of internal processes  
  • How the squad brought frontline supporter experience specialists and IT experts together to prioritise and implement improvements identified through supporter and employee feedback  
  • How a focus around value to the customer has enabled the ability to continuously improve their supporters experience, and internal efficiencies   

Dylan Rose,  National Manager Customer Experience (CX) and Supporter Operations,  The Smith Family 


03:50 PM | Afternoon Break


04:10 PM | Case study 
How Able Australia have transformed their finance and business data and systems for real-time insights and measurements   

  • Streamlining systems to provide readily available data and insights   
  • Amalgamating quality data with financial, service delivery and HR data  
  • Gaining the ability to pinpoint problem areas in real time   
  • Distributing decision making data and making it available anytime and anywhere for all decision makers   
  • Disseminating the responsibility of human resources data management   
  • Amalgamating every aspect of their business through one dashboard – down to residential team leads 

Peter Batsakis,  General Manager, Corporate Services,  Able Australia


04:50 PM | Embedding Business Savvy and Commercial Acumen within an Environmental NGO – The Biodiverse Carbon Journey 

  • Establishing a for-profit commercial entity that has increased financial sustainability and environmental impact   
  • Driving the culture change needed to operate more commercially and getting the organisation comfortable with the idea that commercialisation takes different skills, type of person and mindset  
  • Composition of Boards and Senior Exec team – ensuring the right balance between commercial and NFP experience and skills   
  • The understanding of risk and return –encouraging and enhancing the risk appetite

Todd  Berkinshaw,  Chief Executive Officer,  Biodiverse Carbon Conservation


05:30 PM | End of day two and closing remarks from the chair

09:30am – 12:30pm  | Workshop A 

Creating, Pivoting and Renewing Business Models: Types. Tips and Tools 
Increasing pressure on Not-For-Profits to diversify their revenue opens up the possibilities for new ways of working – including social business models – combining the best aspects of the charity world with those of the corporate world. 
This practical workshop will cover:  

  • The unique complexities in social business models   
  • The four social business model categories   
  • The seven steps to social business model design   
  • UK research with the London Cass Business School and peak bodies representing over 10,000 social enterprises and social businesses in the UK 
  • The practical experience of adding new strategic directions to the work of existing charities that include revenue from ‘trading for a social purpose’

What you will learn:  

  • The tools to proactively develop sustainable social business   
  • How to combine earned income streams with inbuilt social impact 
  • How others have achieved this – reality check  

Tara Anderson, Co-Founder & Director, The Dragonfly Collective, & Head of Marketing, Social Traders 

Andrew Curtis Co-Founder & Director, The Dragonfly Collective  


1:30pm – 4:30pm  | Workshop B 
Using evidence of impact to guide program development, inform storytelling and enable growth

Donors, funders, supporters and clients are more astute than ever, expecting social sector organisations will provide evidence to substantiate their value and contribution.
This practical workshop will cover:

  • The critical role of a social impact model and measurement in building the evidence base
  • Theory of change and program logic
  • The four contributors to being impact driven
  • A new perspective on organisational Purpose
  • Impact storytelling
  • Connection between evidence and growth
  • Case Studies

What you will learn:

  • The frameworks and tools that enable impact to be defined and measured
  • What it means to be an impact driven organisation
  • How to transform your evidence of impact into a compelling story of change
  • How evidence can enhance client or customer experience and support organisational growth

David Jack, Chief Executive Officer, Social Impact Institute

Who should attend:

Executive Management:

  • Chief Executive Officer s 
  • Chief Finance Officers 
  • Chief Operating Officers 
  • Chief Information Officers/ Chief Technology Officers

Heads/ Directors/ Managers of: 

  • Finance 
  • Corporate Services 
  • Business Development 
  • Strategy 
  • IT/Digital/Tech 
  • Innovation  
  • Operations 


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