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Orgs call on the public to help ‘Raise a Guide Dog’ in June

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Guide Dog

In collaboration with Guide Dogs, PETstock Assist aims to raise $100,000 in June to support the annual Raise A Guide Dog: Change A Life campaign.

Through this donation, PETstock Assist will help raise and train two Guide Dogs for two eager Australians waiting to be matched with new guiding companions.

PETstock Assist has been a proud partner of Guide Dogs since 2014, helping Australians with low vision or blindness find their own sense of freedom to live the life they want.

PETstock Assist Charity and Events Lead Jessica Curtis said it was important for everyone to have the ability to move independently and safely through their day-to-day life, no matter their age or level of vision.

“Thanks to our generous network of retail partners, we’re able to support programs that are making a positive difference to the lives of children or adults with low vision or blindness across the country,” Curtis said.

“Not only do we hope to raise vital funds that will go towards training puppies into life- changing Guide Dogs, but also raise awareness of the work of Guide Dogs and educate the public on how they can contribute and show their support.”

“That’s why we’re asking not only our community of pet parents, but anyone that wants to help people with blindness or low vision lead safe and independent lives, to join in our mission in raising $100,000 for Guide Dogs this month,” she said.

Guide Dogs Australia CEO Group Michael Kightley said the partnership with PETstock Assist and the ongoing support of the community was essential in making a real difference to the lives of so many Australians living with low vision or blindness.

“Your support really does change the lives of people right across Australia,” Knightley said.

“Thanks to you, we provide the sorts of services people need most for everyday living and independence – whether it’s going to the shops, going to school or work, or even just finding ways to be active and a part of the local community – you make this possible.

“Some people find independence through a trained Guide Dog, while others use tools and technology to assist them. With your help, people of all ages from anywhere around the country can access the best services they need to make their lives better,” he said.

PETstock’s retail partners including Boehringer Ingelheim, Mars, Blackmores, Rogz and Kong have all committed to help raise funds and awareness of the ‘Raise A Guide Dog’ campaign.

Those who want to help may simply round up their purchases online or in store, donate to PETstock Assist online or via donation boxes nationwide. In June, customers may also buy specially marked products and visit the website for more ways to donate.

Currently, it takes almost two years and more than $50,000 to breed, raise, train, and palce one Guide Dog.


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