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Out of Home ads company spearheads campaign for homeless charity

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ads for homeless charity

Charity Orange Sky Australia, the world’s first free mobile laundry service for the homeless, has launched a new fundraising campaign, which is being supported by out of home ads company oOh!media nationally.

Leading with the messaging “Homelessness can happen to anyone”, the campaign is designed to raise awareness of the charity and encourage donations to support its crucial work via embedded QR codes.

The funding will support Orange Sky’s goal to significantly expand the work done by its volunteers over the next 12 months, helping people who have often been homeless through financial difficulties, family and domestic violence, housing affordability issues, relationship breakdowns and ill health.

Now live, the campaign is running across oOh!’s bus shelter, retail, rail and road assets until early July.

As an official oOh! Community partner, Orange Sky received more than just space on the company’s assets, drawing on expertise and skills from across the business to support its mission.

A team from oOh! worked closely with Orange Sky to develop the campaign strategy, which was complemented by technology team support on donations, plus creative and artwork from in-house designers at oOh! Studio for use across Out of Home as well as website, social media and email branding.

Cathy O’Connor, oOh!’s CEO, said the company was highly engaged in taking Orange Sky’s message to more people than ever.

“The services provided by Orange Sky have expanded greatly over the past few years, and to build on this strong foundation we brought in our extensive in-house resources to help reach audiences at scale across Australia. Orange Sky and the volunteers do fantastic work and help people in genuine need, so we really wanted to do everything we could to support them,” O’Connor said.

Lucas Patchett, Orange Sky’s CEO and Co-Founder, said it was great to see the messaging appear so prominently across oOh!’s network.

“We’ve had great feedback about the campaign, with many friends, volunteers, staff and other stakeholders excited to see the creative on their commutes. This campaign is about shining a light on the issue of homelessness and how easily a change of events can change a life.

“The support from oOh! is helping to encourage donations to ensure our amazing volunteers can continue to show up on shift each week to support the many Australians doing it tough,” Patchett said.

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