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Project Futures names new CEO

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Project Futures has announced that Clare Pearson will join the team on the 27th of March 2017 as the new CEO. 

Pearson takes over from Founder Stephanie Lorenzo who will still be involved with the organisation as a Board member.

The new CEO holds 12-years’ experience in positions at an executive level, including her recent tenure as CEO of a Sydney based disability service. 

Third Sector had a chat to Pearson about her new position.

What made you want to join Project Futures?
I was compelled to join the Project Futures cause after reading about the Founder, Stephanie Lorenzo, and the incredible work of the impact partners. The passion and focus of the organisation is incredibly powerful and one that I was excited to be part of.
What was your experience in the sector before?
In truth, I have not worked in the area of Human Trafficking previously, so my learning at this point is steep in relation to the topic. However, I hold extensive experience with the not-for-profit sector and fundraising. So I hope the combination of my training and experience will help benefit Project Futures in new ways and introduce the topic to a new clientele.
How do you feel about taking over from the founder of the organisation?
A huge challenge that could quickly become overwhelming. However, Stephanie’s warm and transparent nature, and her ability to in-still such confidence, has driven a strong desire to continue her legacy and help reach the organisational potential. Hopefully I can measure up!
What is your first call to action?
Organisational sustainability is key to ensure the organisation continues the great work during this managerial transition, so I will work with the team to ensure all planned events are successful and smooth. Going forward, the goal will be to introduce new funding streams that support the natural growth and strength of the organisation, but also to maximise on opportunities that raise aware of the issue and connect people….. I am always inspired by the idea that people supporting people is a powerful platform in making change on both a small and grand scale. I hope to continue this focus.


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