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Tactics to enhance your online presence

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Conversion optimisation

Building traffic is good – improving conversions is better.

When looking at conversion optimisation, a good tool to use is the Google Analytics goal setting tool. This can be used to track clicks on a banner ad, the amount of times a particular page was viewed and how many people signed up to your newsletter through a particular form. The data collected can be used to improve your landing page or forms by altering content, imagery and format based on the highest performer.

Site overlay or on-page analysis tools can also be used. These help to clearly see the distribution by percentage of a user’s clicks while browsing a website. This will allow you to identify the prime content position on your website.

For more information, visit: www.google.com.au/analytics

Increasing Facebook likes

Try Facebook’s sponsored stories and see how the results stack up against Facebook ads. Facebook’s sponsored stories show up using a friend’s name on the user’s profile, often in the form of a page like. This encourages friends of friends to follow your page and also helps with organic growth in Facebook likes. Having a powerful image will help with this.

Improving email open and click through rates

Clean lists and a segmented database will help to improve open and click-through rates immensely.

Using a tool like Campaign Monitor when importing your database can help with removing duplicate data and also highlighting email addresses with errors.

Secondly, segment your database to specific groups so that targeted information can be sent – relevant content is the key.

Finally, improve open and click-through rates with split testing. Campaign monitor allows two types of email to be sent to the same list by equal distribution, which means you can track your campaign.

Check out Campaign monitor: www.campaignmonitor.com

Bit.ly – tracking when you can’t

Bit.ly allows you to track social media links to see how effective campaigns have been – how many users have viewed the content and when they have viewed it.

Get tracking today: www.bit.ly

Improving user experience

A website that’s not compatible with all devices can often deter users. Find out what your site looks like on any device through BrowserStack – a tool which emulates a user’s experience on your site through popular devices, even mobile.

Take a tour of your site on any available device: www.browserstack.com

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