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Third Sector launches web series on preparing businesses for survival during coronavirus crisis

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Businesses that want to sustain and make their way through this and be in a good position in 36 and 12 months need to implement new processes and frameworks to adjust their business to the new times.  

Third Sector understands the pressures the sector is undergoing. This recently launched Third Sector Business Viability Series is a series of online seminars and workshops that provide practical support for struggling organisations. 

A workshop tailored for CEOs, Board Members and Leaders within for-purpose organisations titled How to design human-centred services remotely during COVID-19  is happening on May 19th.   

Presented by Tracey Newman & Daniel Bentley, Co-founders and Directors of Impacto Consulting, a social innovation consulting business, this 60-minute virtual workshops will help leaders understand new ways they can create or improve services that better meet the needs of their clients in the COVID-19 world. 

All workshops complement each other with the intention to help prepare organisations and companies survive. 

The “Roadmap for the future – Preparing a FY21 Budget in the current COVID-19 environment” virtual conference on May 26 will  equip organisations with skills on how to plan the FY21 Budget in the current COVID-19 environment. This will be led by Brendan Lucas from Hopscotch Accounting who will give a step-by-step process to prepare, present and monitor budget. 

Traditional fundraising methods no longer resonate with modern audiences, and the recent restrictions posed by COVID-19 have seen fundraising draw close to standstill for many organisations. On May 28, Nikki Kinloch of Cure Cancer will facilitate an online seminar on “Utilising technology for fundraising purposes.” 

To enrich learning on new fundraising models, a June 3 workshop called “Fast-tracking your social enterprise model” will be led by Andy Skidmore from Burn Bright. Social enterprise has been a hot topic in recent years, with many not-for-profit organisations and charities looking at the advantages this could bring in terms of financial sustainability and increasing their reach and impact.    

Meanwhile, on May 27, an online seminar will be run by Ally Kelly from Mind Blank, a charity set up to aim to reduce the risk of suicide through interactive theatre in schools and communities. The workshop called “Supporting the mental health of your staff will usher employers to gain knowledge on how to promote and facilitate early help-seeking , learn how to equip teams and individuals with skills such as how to host conversations about the signs of anxiety and symptoms of stress, identify what the values of self-care application are, and learn how to support workers who are working from home.  

These are some of the upcoming events all with the aim to support business survive these unique times More virtual seminars will be announced in the next coming days. Subscribe to the events page to get weekly updates. 


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