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Thousands of charities face revocation

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The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) has identified more than 2,000 charities that are at risk of losing their charity registration if they don’t submit their overdue annual reports immediately.

The group of charities, known as ‘double defaulters’, have failed to submit two annual information statements and, as such, face a loss of charity registration.

ACNC Commissioner, Susan Pascoe, explained that the majority of charities completed their reporting on time.

“The Australian public can be assured that the majority of registered charities are transparent and meet their ACNC obligations,” said Pascoe.

“However, there is an identified group of charities that have failed to meet their legal obligations despite being issued with multiple reminders and warnings.”

Pascoe urged the double defaulter charities to take action and submit their outstanding reports immediately.

“Charities that have become double defaulters must submit their two overdue annual information statements to avoid revocation,” said Pascoe.

“Revocation of charity status is serious and will result in the charity being de-registered by the ACNC and losing access to Commonwealth charity tax concessions, which are administered by the Australian taxation office.”

Pascoe also highlighted the importance of submitting the overdue statements to ensure charity profiles on the ACNC charity register are accurate and up to date.

“The ACNC charity register, is the place that the public go to find details on Australia’s 54,000 registered charities,” said Pascoe.

“An accurate and up-to-date profile on the ACNC charity register demonstrates to the public a commitment to accountability and transparency. This also provides donors and grant-makers confidence that the charity is well-governed with good financial management.”

“Just as importantly, it also provides an insight into the excellent work that the charity is doing in the community.”

Since its establishment in December 2012, the ACNC has removed from the charity register or revoked the registration of more than 13,000 charities.

“We have made significant progress in cleaning up the charity register over the past three years to ensure the public has access to a reliable resource,” Pascoe said.

“Revoking the registrations of charities that fail to meet their obligations is an important part of this process. Of course, we would prefer that all legitimate charities meet their obligations on time, and remain on the register to continue serving the Australian community. That is why we have taken many steps to remind them, before resorting to this final action.”

The ACNC charity register can be found at acnc.gov.au/findacharity.

Susan Pascoe will be presenting at the Third Sector expo which will be taking place between the 18th-19th of August, 2016.



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