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Wanted: not-for-profit input on government policy

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The Department of Innovation has released a discussion paper to prompt responses from key stakeholders regarding how to advance innovation within and by the public sector.

One of the focuses of the discussion paper calls for suggested ways that the public sector can work better with and respond to the needs of citizens, an area that not-for-profits can provide unique input in.

Participants are also invited to share experiences of innovative approaches and service delivery when working with the public sector.

This is an important opportunity for not-for-profit organisations to have their opinions heard on a key growth area of government policy.
The project will develop recommendations and a strategy for how the public sector can foster an innovation culture that tackles barriers to innovation and shares and rewards innovative practices. It will look at how the public sector can:
• Encourage ‘bottom-up’ innovation.
• Use new technologies and platforms to increase collaboration and to facilitate, disseminate and promote innovative practices.
• Identify and address barriers to public sector innovation.
• Use innovative mechanisms such as pilots and trials.
• Draw on external expertise and ideas from citizens and stakeholders.
• Use the above measures to improve service delivery.
Key goals of the project include developing better methods and processes for innovation, as well as tangible end results. The project acknowledges that a broad range of responses are vital to developing a broader spectrum of public sector innovation.

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