ASU calls for immediate action following the murders of 4 women this week


The Australian Services Union, representing workers in the Family and Domestic Violence sector, expresses deep sorrow at the loss of four more South Australian women in the past week. 

These tragic events highlight the critical need for an escalation in the State Government’s response to the crisis of domestic and family violence.  

“The ASU unequivocally stands with the sector in calling for a Royal Commission into domestic family, and sexual violence in South Australia.,” said ASU SA + NT Secretary, Abbie Spencer. 

With more than one woman losing her life on average each week this year, domestic and family violence stands as a tragic epidemic. 

Every life lost is a stark reminder that our communities and governments must collaborate to address the root causes of gender-based violence. 

“Fifteen years ago, South Australia’s sector led the nation in its innovative responses to family and domestic violence. Sadly, South Australia is no longer is held up as the model of best practice.” 

According to Spencer, ASU members working in frontline Domestic and Family Violence services know that in order for them to address this crisis, they need an urgent injection of funding. 

“We urge the Premier and Treasurer to listen to experts and victim-survivors by allocating more funds to preventative and early intervention services,” added Spencer.  

“The time for decisive action is now, and the ASU is committed to collaborating with the Government and the sector to ensure that women and children in our community are safe.” 

The Australian Services Union serves as the dedicated union for workers in the family, domestic, and sexual violence sectors, along with professionals in the homelessness, social and community, and legal sectors. Our members span these vital sectors, all of which are significantly impacted by the challenges posed by family violence. 

In 2022 the ASU won a campaign to ensure all Australian workers have access to 10 days of paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave through the National Employment Standards. 

“It is no use saying, “enough is enough”, we need to see increased funding on the table,” said Spencer.