Gondwana Rainforest Trust calls to ‘Put the Daintree under the Christmas tree’


Want to give an enduring gift that will help to ensure the survival of the species?  

This Christmas, consider making a donation to the Gondwana Rainforest Trust, for the purchase and protection of rainforest in Australia’s most prized ecosystem: The Daintree.  

Gondwana Rainforest Trust, formerly known as Rainforest 4 Foundation, is on a mission to safeguard the future of the world’s rainforests. 

A donation to the Gondwana Rainforest Trust’s Save the Daintree program will go towards purchasing land, creating new protected areas, stopping and reversing the impacts of development, and restoring rainforest ecosystems damaged in the past. 

Since being established in 2018, Gondwana Rainforest Trust has successfully purchased and protected 31 properties, including 29 in Queensland’s Daintree Lowland Rainforest – the oldest rainforest on Earth – and has paved the way for preserving, revitalising, and raising awareness of several other endangered rainforests throughout Australia and the world. 

Rainforests provide habitat for more than half of all species. They regulate weather patterns, sequester carbon from the atmosphere and provide vital ecosystem services upon which humanity depends. 

Every $2.50 will help purchase and protect one square metre of precious rainforest in the Daintree. 

To purchase a Daintree Rainforest Christmas gift certificate, visit the Gondwana Rainforest Trust website.