Havelock Housing partners with mcrIT and Microsoft to streamline operations


Havelock Housing, one of the largest Community Housing providers in the ACT, has chosen mcrIT to revolutionise their IT infrastructure and optimise operational efficiency.

The collaboration has addressed the organisation’s challenges with outdated software systems, telephony issues, network outages, and unreliable Wi-Fi, while providing enhanced security, centralised data management, and network stability.  

Originally established in 1988, Havelock Housing has a long-standing history of providing affordable accommodation in the region.   

Prior to engaging with mcrIT, the organisation relied on a single individual to manage their IT. Realising the potential risks to their business, they sought an experienced partner to streamline their applications, centralise and secure their data, and ensure network stability.  

To address these issues, mcrIT conducted a thorough health check of Havelock Housing’s IT infrastructure and identified areas for improvement. By offering a service desk and specialised skills to support the organisation’s IT needs, mcrIT provided a comprehensive solution that aligned with Havelock Housing’s requirements.  

“The solution has addressed issues that had become a part of the way we work,” said Jay Jayashankar, Head of Corporate Services at Havelock Housing.

The solution implemented included migrating email to Office 365, migrating file data to SharePoint, enhancing security measures, implementing Teams Calling, and setting up M365 Backup. These enhancements allowed Havelock Housing to improve collaboration among teams, enhance security measures, and ensure reliable connectivity from anywhere.  

“We had become used to network outages and system delays, accessing our network via VPN and putting up with aging hardware. Now, we can securely connect from anywhere, we have reliable IT and our user experience has vastly improved,” added Jayashankar. 

Additionally, mcrIT played a pivotal role in Havelock Housing’s recent office move. The aim of the move was to free up office space to make way for additional tenants. By offering consultation and project management support, mcrIT facilitated a smooth transition to the new office space, ensuring minimal disruption to the organisation’s services.  

As a result of their partnership with mcrIT, Havelock Housing experienced significant improvements and outcomes, including reduced downtime through telephony upgrades to Teams Voice, simplified IT through standardisation of systems, reduced support calls through service desk automation, and reduced monthly costs through standardising on Microsoft 365.  

“We have enhanced our security through the move to Microsoft 365, and this has helped us provide regular updates to the board regarding the enhancements in cyber security,” added Jayashankar.  

“mcrIT’s professional service and the visibility provided by their service desk portal and ticketing system have been crucial differentiators for us. We have actually saved money by moving to mcrIT.  Standardising on a single platform, Microsoft 365, has reduced our monthly IT costs.” 

The collaboration between Havelock Housing and mcrIT signifies a step forward in improving the organisation’s IT infrastructure and operational efficiency. By embracing technology, Havelock Housing remains committed to its mission of providing affordable accommodation to individuals with low incomes in the ACT.