Lance Kawaguchi announced as chairman on international cancer research board


CEO of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, Lance Kawaguchi has been appointed as the new chairman for the Asian Fund of Cancer Research (AFCR). This appointment will see him leverage new international collaborations and partnerships for Australia’s brain cancer community, sharing his expertise more broadly in the Asia-Pacific region.

AFCR is committed to funding cancer research and promoting high-impact global collaborations to improve outcomes for cancer patients. It is focused on supporting innovative discovery and translational projects that unlock new information about how cancer forms and spreads, and how to treat it.

Kawaguchi’s appointment as chair of the board of directors, which he joined early this year, reflects his commitment to achieve its vision of a region—and world—without cancer. He is committed to rapidly driving outcomes for brain cancer patients in Australia, connecting them with innovative, global treatment options.

“The Asian Fund for Cancer Research has differentiated itself, especially in our region, in so many ways,” said Mr Kawaguchi. “I look forward to building on important, global relationships as chairman of AFCR, to benefit Australian cancer patients and ultimately find a cure for this disease.”

“I will focus on empowering our dynamic CEO, Sujuan Ba, to apply her tremendous energies, experience, background and skills to take the organisation to a new level of impact,” continued Mr. Kawaguchi. “Impact that focuses on the net results: finding cures for terminal cancers globally. It’s that simple. And it’s a challenge I look forward to taking on.”

Founder and CEO of Asian Fund for Cancer Research, Sujuan Ba says, “I am honoured that such an accomplished global executive and passionate cancer-fighting advocate as Lance Kawaguchi is stepping in as chair of the Asian Fund for Cancer Research’s board of directors.

“The growth and leadership which Lance has brought to Cure Brain Cancer Foundation will inform and drive the impact of AFCR by embracing digital platforms and continuing to support early-stage biopharmaceutical companies to benefit scientists, innovators and, ultimately, patients.”

Lance Kawaguchi is an internationally recognised executive leader and board member, with over 25 years of global finance and banking experience, including living and working throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. His current appointment as CEO of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is a testament to his strong, advocating vision for supporting people and families living with cancer, by supporting innovative research to drive outcomes for those affected by the disease.

This appointment follows Cure Brain Cancer Foundation’s launch announcement of GBM AGILE, a revolutionary, first of its kind clinical trial. The Foundation has sole funded the establishment of GBM AGILE in Australia, with its largest ever single investment of over $8 million. The program will enable 50 people per year who have GBM to access this adaptive clinical trial and new treatments never before available to brain cancer patients in Australia.