More than 100 charities face a loss of registration


The ACNC has issued a public notice to more than 100 charities to let them know that their charity registration is at risk.

The 116 charities have failed to submit two Annual Information Statements. They have until Friday 13 April to submit their outstanding Annual Information Statements or their charity registration will be revoked and they will lose access to Commonwealth charity tax concessions.

ACNC Commissioner, Dr Gary Johns, reminded charities that submitting an Annual Information Statement was a legislative requirement, and an important part of ensuring transparency and accountability.

“Registered charities are required to submit an Annual Information Statement each year,” Dr Johns said.

“Not only is this an ongoing obligation set out in ACNC Act, it is also the primary source of the information we make available to the public on the Charity Register.

“It is crucial that the public has accurate and up-to-date information about Australia’s 55,000 registered charities.”

The ACNC has issued the public notice on our website because we have not been able to contact the 116 charities directly, despite several attempts to do so.

Johns reiterated the importance of charities keeping their details updated and encouraged the public to assist if they know anyone involved in the listed charities.

“It is a requirement to keep your charity’s contact details up to date with the ACNC,” said Johns.

“Failing to do so, as we see now, can lead to a loss of ACNC registration and generous Commonwealth charity tax concessions.

“If members of the public recognise any of the 116 charities listed, I urge them to let people involved in the charity know that they’re in danger of having their registration revoked.

“It’s not too late for the charities listed. If they contact the ACNC and submit their outstanding reports, they can maintain their registration and continue to benefit from Commonwealth charity tax concessions.”