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Brayden Howie author

As the CEO of Action of Poverty, Brayden Howie brings a passion for getting more people involved in having an impact on global poverty. Brayden firmly believes that the international development sector can and should be more accessible to new participants. With a Masters degree in International Public Health, Brayden has held senior leadership and company director roles in the international development and health and social services sectors for more than 15 years across both commercial and non-profit organisations in Sydney, Bangkok, and Pyongyang. Brayden believes that the some of the best solutions to global poverty are right now sitting untested in the minds, communities, and workplaces of people from all walks of life around the world. The ideas may be in an urban slum or a prestigious university, a global business or a subsistence farm. What is needed is a movement of people willing to collaborate, learn from one another, back one another, and have a go.


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