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MYOB names Axsys as Partner of the Year thrice in a row

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xsys has been named the 2021 MYOB Enterprise Partner of the Year for the third consecutive year

Following one of the most uncertain years in recent memory, Axsys has been named the 2021 MYOB Enterprise Partner of the Year for the third consecutive year! Axsys also won the 2021 Excellence in Marketing Award.  

The award recognises the partner who obtained the greatest accolades encompassing customer experience, business growth and marketing. 

Winning these awards re-emphasises Axsys’ position as the elite MYOB Enterprise Solutions provider for MYOB Advanced enterprise solutions in Australia. 


Logo og Axsys

In accepting the awards, Axsys Managing Director Jason Ransley stated, “Axsys is delighted to be named the 2021 MYOB Partner of the Year and winning the Excellence in Marketing Award. We are looking forward to another strong year delivering MYOB Advanced Solutions to the market”. 

He continued, “In 2021, we will continue to expand and grow our knowledge and expertise across industry verticals including not-for-profits, charities, NDIS service providers, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, construction, and more”. 

“Being named the MYOB Partner of the Year is a great honour and a direct reflection of our team’s dedication and the exceptional value and expertise we deliver. We look forward to continuing to help our clients make their business better and thrive with MYOB Advanced through 2021 and beyond,” Jason concluded.  

Creating a better foundation for change with MYOB Advanced  

Running a sustainable organisation is challenging. From finding suitable members and donors to running logistics, managing grants and controlling expenditure, there are many factors involved.  

Structurally, NFPs and businesses share similar internal processes – from reporting to purchasing, selling, and payroll to name a few. However, organisations often need to report to stakeholders, meet stricter reporting requirements, and manage projects between internal and external parties.  

All while staying on top of government schemes, funding, regulations and policies. 

Much like any professional services business, project management and programs are at the heart of Third Sector organisations, which is why MYOB Advanced is the perfect fit. 

What are the benefits of MYOB Advanced for the Third Sector 

As your organisation grows, so do the challenges associated with managing time, financials, budgets and projects. 

Without an integrated and automated solution, increased complexity can quickly overwhelm your processes, giving way to inefficiencies and inaccuracies that can all lead to missed opportunities and revenue. 

MYOB Advanced can address these requirements through its finance, sales, CRM, and business intelligence functions. This functionality places an emphasis on budgeting, reporting, procurement, and invoicing and project control to provide you with the real-time insight needed to maintain and control your organisation.  

  • Accounting Integrity 
    • Due to stricter reporting requirements, you need to ensure you meet all your regulatory tax requirements and obligations. You may also be reporting in numerous currencies from multiple locations. MYOB Advanced can help you manage 100’s of projects, records and reports so you can track budgets in real time. 
  • Transparency 
    • Gain an accurate version of your financial health. Create reports as needed to provide transparent information. This is especially important when dealing with funding sources and carrying out audits. 
  • Meet reporting requirements  
    • Prepare statements to present the result of activities, show funding balances, and adapt your reporting needs to meet the requirements of the management board, and stakeholders such as donors, regulatory agencies and auditing bodies. 
  • Manage all your staff and volunteers 
    • Complete your pay runs and manage employees and contractors. All in a few clicks. 
  • Get paid faster 
    • Create smart invoices where customers pay you directly with AMEX, Visa, Mastercard or BPAY. 
  • Track your donors and members 
    • Create easy-to-read reports to see who your donors are, and how much they donate. 

Case studies + Resources  

MYOB Advanced is Australia’s leading ERP solution that is helping those in the Third Sector deliver results and accountability to their donors. Read some of the case studies below and view the MYOB Advanced Demo.  

Helping those in the Third Sector Succeed  

With MYOB Advanced you too can thrive in the future while delivering on your mission today. Achieve your mission and focus on what really matters: making a positive impact in the world. See MYOB Advanced in Action now> 

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Pearl Dy is a community manager and journalist. She is passionate about business and development particularly involving not-for-profits, charity and social entrepreneurship.


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