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Navigating the next budget cycle as a not-for-profit organisation

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This week’s federal budget revealed funding available for not-for-profits across many portfolios, including mental health, and disability services as well as those creating education and employment opportunities for our most vulnerable community members.

If your organisation and/or the work you do didn’t make it into the budget, there’s always a window open, and government engagement is usually a longer journey. 

Successfully navigating the complexities of budget allocations requires a proactive stance, grounded in meticulous planning and strategic foresight, over months and years. Planning for next year’s budget 2025/2026, should begin today. Don’t put it off.

Here are five tips to guide you through your next budget submission:

#1 Identify priorities

Begin by pinpointing your organisation’s key activities and priorities. Craft action plans delineating the steps required for their implementation, along with the necessary resources. Whether it’s expanding services, launching new initiatives, or optimising existing processes, having a clear roadmap sets the stage for effective budget advocacy.

#2 Compiling compelling evidence

Numbers talk, but stories resonate. Gather robust evidence that not only emphasises the necessity of your proposals but also paints a vivid picture of their potential impact. From impactful statistics to engaging real-life anecdotes, ensure your submission is backed by evidence that enhances its credibility and persuasiveness.

#3 Craft an effective media strategy

Develop a strategic media plan to amplify your message and capture public interest. From crafting newsworthy press releases to leveraging social media platforms, harness the power of storytelling to captivate audiences and garner support for your cause.

#4 Align with government agendas

Closely align your organisation’s needs with the government’s overarching agenda. Monitor evolving priorities and adapt your proposals accordingly. Demonstrate how your initiatives complement the government’s objectives, fostering a synergistic partnership. Stay informed about shifting political landscapes and anticipate potential policy shifts that may impact budget allocations.

#5 Proactively engage with key decision-makers

When it comes to budget advocacy, persistence pays off. Forge meaningful connections with government agencies and decision-makers, staying on their radar through consistent engagement. By being present, proactive, and persistent, you can ensure that your organisation’s voice is heard when budget decisions are being made.

Fifty Acres is an award-winning agency, with a wealth of experience doing good work for great organisations. We work alongside not-for-profits and community organisations committed to making an impact through policy change, awareness or education. 

Get in touch today at or email Mention this article to receive a free strategic consultation session. 

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With over 20 years’ experience in communications, political advisory roles and journalism, Jo Scard is one of Australia’s foremost strategic advisors to corporates, government and not-for-profits.

Jo is a respected former journalist in the UK and Australia working with ITV, Associated Press, Seven Network, SBS, ABC and Fairfax. She has spent over a decade advising corporates and not-for-profits at CEO and board level across strategic communications, government relations and public relations, and co-authored the best-selling book The working mother’s survival guide.

Fifty Acres was established in 2010. We work with government agencies, national organisations, not-for-profits and corporates providing strategic communications, media training, government, marketing and public relations services. The agency has become a market leader in strategic communications and represents some of Australia’s premier brands and not-for-profits – spending 10% of our time on pro bono projects.


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