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Victorian Government Joins NSW in Offering Free System Upgrades to Promote Energy Efficiency

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Energy Efficiency

According to the Victoria government, about 36% of commercial building energy is for water heating that serves space heating and hot water. That number rises to 40% in colder regions.   

In response, New South Wales and Victoria each introduced compelling rebate programs for commercial organizations. The hot water system rebate programs for businesses help combat increasing environmental concerns, supporting an urgent need for sustainable business practices.  

How do the programs work?  

The two rebate schemes help businesses transition from traditional electric hot water systems to energy-efficient heat pump water heating systems. Thanks to the rebates, business owners can upgrade their systems at no cost, saving thousands of dollars.  

Celebrated for their efficiency, heat pumps use ambient air and warmth from the surrounding ground to heat water. These water heating systems significantly reduce the required electricity.   

Installing an energy efficient commercial heat pump hot water system can drastically reduce your business’ water heating bill by up to 60%.  

The benefits don’t end there. Since heat pumps require less maintenance than traditional systems, they require fewer service calls, which extends their lifespan and improves overall cost efficiency.   

Each initiative – fully funded by the respective state governments – reflects a commitment to reduce carbon emissions and reduce businesses’ operational costs.  

Under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, the state’s commercial rebate program helps businesses upgrade their existing electric hot water systems to heat pump technology.   

The program covers all associated costs, encouraging businesses to embrace more sustainable heating practices.   

Business owners who are interested in the program can apply through Efficient Energy Group or the list of accredited providers that are part of the ESS.   

Providers handle all aspects of the upgrade – everything from the initial assessment to the complete installation of the new system. The professionals even properly dispose of old equipment.  

Similar to the NSW scheme, the Victorian Energy Upgrades program helps businesses replace outdated electric hot water systems with advanced heat pump models.   

The initiative in Victoria helps businesses reduce high energy costs. It also contributes to the state’s environmental targets by reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.  

Eligibility for the Victoria rebate is determined through a straightforward process, managed by VEU-accredited providers. The selected professionals make sure the installation complies with all program requirements.   

Accredited providers then offer end-to-end service, managing the entire upgrade process – from the initial energy efficiency assessment to the installation and deployment of the new system. The best part? It’s free of charge to the business.  

Participating in the hot water system rebate programs in New South Wales and Victoria provides multiple advantages, benefiting individual business owners, the broader community and the fragile environment 

The following benefits are key to support sustainability goals and enhance residents’ quality of life: 

  • Environmental Benefits: Rebate program participants reduce carbon emissions and decrease the reliance on non-renewable energy sources. When they adopt more efficient water heating systems like heat pumps, businesses help preserve natural resources and protect the environment.  
  • Economic Benefits: When they deploy higher-efficiency heat pump systems, business owners enjoy substantial cost savings on energy bills over time. The rebates also eliminate the upfront costs of installation, so sustainable technology is accessible and financially viable.  
  • Community and Societal Benefits: When business owners participate in energy upgrade rebate programs, they support state and national sustainability goals. The collective effort promotes a shift towards more sustainable living practices across the region.  

A straightforward process guides participants of the hot water system rebate programs in New South Wales and Victoria.   

To take part, residents first must verify their eligibility. The chosen hot water systems must be covered under the respective state’s rebate program.  

Businesses in New South Wales can review eligibility details and program specifics at the Energy Saver section of the NSW government’s website. Once there, they can access up-to-date information about the ESS and various other rebate schemes.   

Victorian residents can access detailed information about the VEU program on the Victorian Energy Saver website. Both platforms provide comprehensive guides on eligible systems and the terms of participation. 

Once participants confirm their eligibility, they should contact a certified installer or a covered provider – professionals authorized to process the rebate applications on behalf of business owners. The rebate then is applied directly at the point of sale. This simplifies the process, and it ensures most participants have no upfront costs.  

Both sites also list participating providers, making it easy to find a certified professional nearby. 

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Pearl Dy is a community manager and journalist. She is passionate about business and development particularly involving not-for-profits, charity and social entrepreneurship.


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