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Brenda Gaddi author

Brenda Gaddi (she/her) is a proud Kayumanggi (brown-skinned) woman living on unceded land of the Wallumattagal clan of the Darug nation. She is a second-generation migrant/settler born, raised, and educated in Manila Philippines. Brenda has a track record of building female-focused communities and championing female voices for over a decade now. She established one of the first community platforms in Australia where female content creators were fairly remunerated for their work and time. She got involved in the not-for-profit space in 2015. She is passionate about social & economic justice, racial & gender equality, and intersectional feminism. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations. She is currently completing her Masters of Public and Social Policy at Macquarie University.

Linguistic Prejudice
Brenda Gaddi Freedom Rally