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Does print advertising really work?

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The study analysed 96 magazines, interviewed more than 18,000 respondents, and analysed the performance of more than 3,000 advertisements.

The results highlight how magazines effectively engage consumers and, as a result, motivate them to purchase.

Magazine readers were found to be highly receptive to advertising, with 22 per cent considering to purchase the advertised product and nine per cent making a purchase. In comparison, editorial led to twelve per cent considering to purchase and four per cent making a purchase.

Interestingly, when an advertisement was combined with editorial it was 20 per cent more likely to be noticed by the reader.

“Advertising in a magazine, especially one that communicates to a niche audience such as an industry magazine, provides the perfect environment to convey your services and products to an engaged audience,” said magazine publishing company Great Southern Press’ Sales Manager Tim Thompson.

“Magazines are often shared in the workplace, and even stored for future reference, meaning a magazine advertisement is a strong investment.

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