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New head for ATA

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Announcing the change in leadership, ATA President Kane Thornton thanked Campbell for his time and dedication to the organisation. “Bruce has continued to build the capacity and maturity of the organisation and leaves us in a strong financial position to face the economic and environmental challenges ahead.”

Thornton also welcomed Porter to the role, mentioning his previous, vast management and leadership experience including time as the Executive Director of Sustainability Policy with the Victorian Government and, most recently, as a consultant with the Nous Group.

“Ian’s renowned expertise in climate change and environmental policy will ensure ATA remains at the forefront of the enormous debates currently underway about how to accelerate the uptake of sustainable technologies and practices in Australian houses,” Thornton said.

The ATA promotes sustainable technology and practice, providing practical information, advice and services to its members regarding conserving energy, building with natural materials, as well as reusing, reducing the use of and recycling natural resources. The organisation advocates in both government and industry arenas for easy access to renewable technologies, and ongoing advancement of the technology, information and products.

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