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NFPs not connecting up

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More than 930 organisations from all over Australia responded to the repeat survey, measuring the changes in the technology capacity of the country’s NFPs over the last two years.

Some key findings from NFPs surveyed included:

  • 81 per cent have an accessible website (a 5 per cent drop since the last survey), and only 46 per cent of these have an interactive website, through which visitors can communicate with the organisation;
  • 60 per cent put no money into staff or volunteer IT training;
  • 66 per cent said it was important for them to get more out of their current software system.

Since the last survey conducted in 2006 there has been:

  • A 10 per cent drop in organisations who rate themselves leading edge or fast followers;
  • A 14 per cent decrease in organisations saying they can get technical support and advice, down from 90 per cent;
  • A 24 per cent decrease in the use of consultants and 16 per cent drop in organisations using their IT supplier for advice.

Two key recommendations were to:

  • Regularly obtain the advice of an experienced technology professional regarding the practicality of the technology currently being used;
  • Implement staff and volunteer training programs that could maximise the value of technology investments.

Commenting on the importance of such training programs, Connecting Up Chief Executive Doug Jacquier said “Three out of five charities and nonprofits are not spending a cent on technology-related training. You can’t just buy the boxes, plug them in and have instant efficiency.”

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