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Brisbane bosses to get ‘jail time’ for childhood cancer support

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Photo of Pink Plant Hire and Haulage Director Andrew Ward participating for Childhood Cancer Support

Brisbane-based charity Childhood Cancer Support is calling for bosses to be put behind bars to help support children battling cancer.

On Friday 18th June, “Bosses Behind Bars” will see Queen Street Mall transform into a jail for do-good bosses volunteering their time in the name of charity. Held captive in a public cell, bosses will encourage the public, employees, family, and friends to raise their bail by donating to Childhood Cancer Support in a bid for their release.

Pink Plant Hire and Haulage Director Andrew Ward will be one of the bosses behind bars.

“Cancer is such an insidious disease that takes away so much, not only from those who suffer from it, but also from families and friends who support them. Childhood cancer robs children of their childhood and the simple pleasures and milestones, and it puts strain on families, in particular those who may not live close to treatment centres and hospitals,” Ward said.

“Childhood Cancer Support offers an invaluable and vital service to families dealing with cancer. They provide compassion, understanding and support services for families when they are at their most vulnerable.”

As a father, and grandfather himself, Ward said he emphathises with these families and appreciate how comforting these services would be.

“If locking me up can help make this happen, I’m happy to be involved. I will happily be encouraging my work colleagues, friends and family to help bail me out by donating to this very worthwhile cause.”

“We started supporting Childhood Cancer Support when our staff member’s child was diagnosed with brain cancer. As a company, we witnessed first-hand how the support provided by Childhood Cancer Support positively impacted the family. I would like to encourage any businesses big or small, and bosses to get involved,” he said.

Childhood Cancer Support provides regional children with cancer and their families long-term and short-term accommodation when they must travel to Brisbane for life-saving treatment. They also provide financial and emotional support as well as transport, groceries, and a social network of oncology families.


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