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Student Experience Network (SEN) welcomes the Australian Universities Accord Report

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The Australian Universities Accord was released by the Hon Jason Clare MP on the 25th of February and whilst there is huge amount to achieve, and in many areas, further development and clarification are needed, the aims and goals of the Accord are seen as an exciting opportunity by professionals working in the Student Experience sector. 

Much of the findings and recommendations are focused on getting more of the right people into Tertiary Education and ensuring a coordinated approach to service delivery across the nation.  

What is gratifying to SEN and its members is to see findings and recommendations that should lead to better funding for the delivery of student experience services and the development of co-curricular activities and learning that define a truly high-quality student experience. 

“For student service providers the accord provides a once-in-a-generation reform plan for educating and supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds,” said Daniel Randell, Flinders University Associate Director of Student Life. 

“It is essential that all providers in the student experience ecosystem have a voice in this process and that we ensure that students are at the centre of the conversation.” 

The Accord report calls for a coordinated approach across the sector, led by an Australian Tertiary Education Commission, charged with “bringing all stakeholders together” for “ongoing collaborative engagement”.  

SEN looks forward to being involved in that engagement to better represent its members as they push to deliver safer student engagement on campus, delivering students into the workforce and society with a wide range of skills, knowledge, and experience, far beyond the skills imparted during a university degree program. 

The Accord talks extensively throughout about the need to improve the Student Experience and ensure student safety.  

“Whether a university department, a controlled entity or a Student Union, Guild or association, our members are key to the delivery of events, activities and services that ensure a full and safe experience at university,” said Paul Clayton, SEN CEO.  

“Their delivery is often a major part of student’s success and retention, and the extra leadership experiences they get along the journey set them apart from the crowd for future employability”. 

The focus on improving equity access for First Nations students, rural, regional, and remote students, and lowest quartile SES students will require increased investment in Student Experience providers funding as these groups require higher levels of support per student to ensure their success, in areas like academic advocacy, counselling and representation.  

Recommendation 19 should begin a dialogue for a more equitable and formalised approach to ensuring the funding of these services, and whilst it specifically references the allocation of the Student Services and Amenities Fund, it should focus on sufficient funding levels, irrespective of where the funding comes from.  

“The Accord is an opportunity to ensure a connected, whole of institution and sector approach to the student experience,” said Jess Brown, SEN Director and Chair, 

“While this may be an enormous undertaking in terms of systems and solutions alignment, and breaking down siloes, this is an incredible opportunity for cross-collaboration and service improvement like never before.” 

The Student Experience Network is the peak representative body for Student Experience Professionals in Australia and New Zealand. 

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Menchie Khairuddin is a writer Deputy Content Manager at Akolade and content producer for Third Sector News. She is passionate about social affairs specifically in mixed, multicultural heritage and not-for-profit organisations.


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