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More than $1.2M in grants awarded to help communities tackle the Big Dry

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big dry recepients in 2017

The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) has awarded $1,264,396 in grants to 29 projects that will support communities across the country that are experiencing prolonged rainfall shortages, also known as Australia’s Big Dry. The funding is through its award-winning grants program, Tackling Tough Times Together (TTTT).

The grants will help drought-impacted regions access the resources needed to bring people together for support. These places, like many parts of remote, rural and regional Australia, continue to face the real and persistent challenges caused by Australia’s Big Dry. Despite rainfall across some areas, these extended dry periods and long-term rainfall deficits may continue for some time.

Nina O’Brien, FRRR’s Disaster Resilience and Recovery Lead, said that the TTTT program encourages communities experiencing the Big Dry to take the lead in their recovery and renewal.

“We are delighted to be able to award these grants to help turn local ideas into reality. We know it’s challenging to get these projects off the ground in the midst of a pandemic, especially when many are dealing with reduced local fundraising capacity, and fatigued volunteers. We want people experiencing drought to know that there is still funding available. TTTT is a flexible grant program specifically designed to support communities as they move to recovery. Our team will work with you to help make your project happen, even if it might look a bit different to what you’d initially planned, in light of COVID-19,” O’Brien explained.

Many places facing long-term rainfall shortages have seen their local economy hit. These resilient communities are finding ways to strengthen their economy and encourage local spending and tourism.

For Orroroo Carrieton, the District Council is boosting the local economy by developing the Black Rock Wool Press Rotunda as a local attraction. The Rotunda will showcase local historic artifacts including the restored Black Rock Wool Press. The District Council will receive $143,252 in grants as a recepient of the TTTT.

ABC Foundation Limited, another recepient will receive $60,000 to fund the Aboriginal Women’s Research Assistant & Evaluation Training Project. This will help them create opportuniteis for the Indigenous women of Carnarvon to develop leadership skills. Meanwhile, Drillham Primary parents and Citizens Association will receive $13,000 to find a two-day creative arts workshop program. The initiative aims to “reduce social isolation and encoruage people to come together.”

A full list of grants recipients is available on FRRR’s website.

Applications for the TTTT program are always open and groups in drought-affected areas are encouraged to apply for funding to help their community come together to tackle the drought. Grants are available for a broad range of grassroots, community-led initiatives that directly and clearly benefit local communities.

Tackling Tough Times Together has received support from the Australian Government which committed $15M to be distributed over three years. Contributions have also been made by Pratt Foundation, Stockland CARE Foundation, Paul Ramsay Foundation, The Snow Foundation, Tim Fairfax Family Foundation, Henroth Group and private donors from across the nation.

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