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QLD’s biggest property names pledge to fight for youth homelessness

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The biggest names in property and construction gathered during the Property Industry Foundation’s 25th Anniversary and Pledge Night and have raised the funds to fight for youth homelessness.

The funds raised will contribute to its latest project with The Salvation Army – a safe and welcoming three-bedroom, two-bathroom home on the Sunshine Coast, tailored to holistic domestic violence recovery. 

The Property Industry Foundation is a unique initiative which brings the property and construction industry together to provide a tangible impact on youth homelessness.

In the last 25 years the Property Industry Foundation has had an impact on thousands of young, vulnerable people through fundraising, supporting partner charities and building homes for homeless youths.

Aiming to increase the availability of accommodation for youth homelessness, the Property Industry Foundation has built 85 bedrooms that have given shelter to 314 young people across Australia, some for one night, and others for one year depending on their age, ability, and need.

Approximately 37% of children and young people aged 15-24 who seek help from homelessness services are recorded as experiencing domestic and family violence, with 24,142 police reports of family and domestic violence in Queensland during 2019/20.

Property Industry Foundation Queensland Chairman Greg Clarke said the funds raised will make a significant difference in helping to provide shelter for victims of family and domestic violence and in turn reduce the flow on impact to youth homelessness. 

“Each project we realise brings us one step closer to solving homelessness in Australia and we’re thrilled to be building our latest transitional housing project with The Salvation Army as a result of these funds,” Clarke said. 

“The support we receive from the property and construction industry is invaluable in fighting against Australia’s persistent problem of youth homelessness. For every dollar raised tonight, thanks to our industry partners and supporters, we are able to turn that into two dollars of building project goods and services.” 

“On top of what was raised tonight, we’re thrilled to be able to provide The Salvation Army with $50,000, which was generously donated by the Gentlemen’s Ball Committee after its charity ball held earlier this year,” Clarke said.

The Salvation Army Family Violence State Manager for the Northern Territory and Queensland Dianne Gipey said construction on this project wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the industry and wider community. 

“The great work of the Gentlemen’s Ball Committee, the Property Industry Foundation and its partners will have a tangible impact on fighting homelessness in Queensland,” Gipey said. 

“We are only able to do this important work through the support of the Queensland community and it’s thanks to their generosity that we have been able to keep up the work we do. With family and domestic violence the leading cause of homelessness, this house represents hope and provides just that to the women and youth of Queensland without a safe place to sleep tonight,” Gipey said.



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