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Six scholarships include applicants from refugee background

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Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership announced it is offering six scholarships for its flagship  programs in 2020 to individuals working in the not-for-profit, start-up, arts and culture, and community sectors.

Established in 1993, Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership (Cranlana Centre) offers a suite of immersive leadership programs that develop the ethical decision-making skills of Australia’s leaders.

Designed to sharpen critical reasoning and strengthen moral courage, Cranlana Centre’s flagship courses are its six-day Executive Colloquium and 12-month Vincent Fairfax Fellowship, which cater to leaders from across the public, private and community sectors.

The six scholarships for Cranlana Centre’s flagship programs will be offered to outstanding leaders from the not-for-profit, start-up, arts and culture, and community sectors who demonstrate excellence and courage in ethical leadership.

Cranlana Centre’s CEO, Vanessa Pigrum, says, “We know that executive education and leadership development opportunities are not always within the budgets of small NFPs, start-ups and  individuals.

We also know that diversity around the discussion table is the best way to create positive progress and societal change.”

Pigrum says this is why they’ve chosen to introduce a scholarship program — to encourage new and different perspectives to join the discussion and ensure leaders from organisations of all sizes are able to strengthen their ethical leadership skills.

Cranlana Centre’s Executive Colloquium is an immersive six-day experience designed for Australia’s most senior executives. The Executive Colloquium provides participants with enhanced leadership capabilities and frameworks for complex decision-making and will be guided by skilled moderators.

The Vincent Fairfax Fellowship is a 12-month program designed for business leaders seeking to influence their workplace culture. The program provides leaders with an opportunity to define and understand their organisation’s ethical challenges and develop and implement a project to address these.

While successful applicants will be chosen from a broad range of industry sectors and backgrounds, two of the six scholarship places have a specific focus.

The Jim and Di Carlton Scholarship will be awarded to an applicant from a refugee background who has achieved a position of leadership within Australia or an individual who is demonstrating leadership  through their work with refugees. Additional scholarship for the Executive Colloquium will be awarded to a young woman (up to 40), who is working to improve outcomes for socially disadvantaged and marginalised women and children in her community.


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