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Towards Social Inclusion

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The Federal Government recently issued a national statement on social inclusion. Entitled A Stronger, Fairer Australia, this statement sets out the Government’s vision and strategy for social inclusion in Australia.

The Minister for Social Inclusion Julia Gillard said that approximately 5 per cent of Australians aged 15 years and over experience multiple disadvantages.

“This has a significant impact on their ability to learn, secure employment, have a voice and feel part of the community,” she said.

The Towards Social Inclusion Conference has been created to address these issues. Co-ordinators say that a national focus on social inclusion is critical to overcoming disadvantage.

In a series of practically-focused presentations from federal and state government departments, non-government-organisations, local government and leading thinkers, the Conference is designed to provide public servants working in both social policy and non-social policy departments with practical advice on making social inclusion a reality.

One highlight of the Conference will be the ‘Doing Social Inclusion’ Workshop, led by Professor Scott Prasser.

Prasser is a professor of public policy at the Australian Catholic University. He has worked in senior public service advisory roles in State and Commonwealth Government departments as well as in Ministers’ offices. He also held branch director positions in the Departments of Premier and Cabinet, State Development, Tourism, Small Business and Industry and Welfare Services.

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