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National Volunteer Week begins: a call for long term commitment

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NVW shares its 2011 theme, Inspiring the Volunteer in You, with the United Nations International Year of the Volunteer plus 10 (IYV+10).

Volunteering Australia says the theme brings volunteering to the forefront and provides a focussed agenda for the volunteer sector.

Volunteering Australia CEO, Cary Pedicini, has called on volunteers who stepped up to assist with recent high profile disasters to think about committing for the long term.

“We have great learning experiences from the recent responses to social, economic and environmental shocks”, Pedicini said.

“Whilst we have seen the benefits of spontaneous volunteering with recent significant events around Australia, we need to ensure as many spontaneous volunteers as possible become long term volunteers to enable the building of resilient communities.

“National Volunteer Week is an appropriate time to thank the 5.4 million people who volunteer in Australia each year.”

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