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NFP partners with Priceline

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Priceline Pharmacy partnered with the Stroke Foundation to deliver Australia’s Biggest Blood Pressure Check (ABBPC) for the second time around.

They aim to surpass last year’s result to conduct more than 56,000 free blood pressure checks.

Coinciding recently with the World Hypertension Day (until 14 June 2017), Priceline Pharmacy is offering free blood pressure checks in-store with a pharmacist or on one of 130 exclusive Digital Health Stations. There will also be pop-up sites in select shopping centres around the country offering the checks.

“Through this partnership, we are taking an active role in bettering the health of Australian women and men. We want our customers to understand that we offer more than 7,000 health products and we have trained pharmacists ready to provide expert services and advice. We also have health stations where customers can measure key health indicators by themselves,” said Mark O’Keefe, general manager marketing – Priceline Pharmacy.

During last year’s campaign one in three people tested were found to be at high risk of a stroke and referred to their doctor for a full assessment. A person’s stroke risk is assessed by a blood pressure reading in conjunction with lifestyle and family history questions.

Currently more than 620,000 health checks have been completed on the health stations since they were introduced into Priceline Pharmacy stores at the end of 2015. To help drive awareness for the campaign Priceline Pharmacy has teamed up with Aussie entertainer Maria Venuti’s daughter, Bianca, who is sharing her mother’s stroke journey to encourage everyone to have their blood pressure checked.

“Through ABBPC, I hope I can help people understand how important it is to manage the risks associated with high blood pressure. I know for myself, I am making it a priority to keep my blood pressure in check and going into Priceline Pharmacy to be tested is lot easier and more convenient than making an appointment at the doctor, plus it’s free and only takes 5 minutes,” said Bianca.

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