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RSPCA Victoria ending activism

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Victoria’s RSPCA is moving away from its controversial animal activism, a parliamentary inquiry has found.
A 2016 review found protesting against duck hunting and urging consumers to boycott caged eggs had been harmful to the functioning and reputation of the charity.
The upper house report designed to look at the RSPCA’s use of state funding found the charity had made “good progress towards focusing on the prevention of cruelty to companion animals rather than engaging in animal rights activism”.
The report made a number of recommendations, including making sure the RSPCA investigates cruelty to commercial animals in emergency situations only, and CEO Liz Walker said all will be implemented.
“(We are) committed to continuing to be transparent and accountable for the taxpayer funding we receive and the generous donations from the community that support all our activities,” she said.
The charity continues to implement recommendations from a 2016 independent review of the RSPCA Victoria Inspectorate.


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