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2023 Opinion’s: Diverse Perspectives from Australia’s Philanthropic Leaders 

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The landscape of non-profit organisations is undergoing significant shifts, embracing sustainability, gender equality, and innovation in volunteerism and work environments. Key voices from industry leaders shed light on crucial aspects shaping the sector’s evolution. 

Third Sector News has compiled a comprehensive array of perspectives from esteemed leaders and experts dedicated to fostering positive change across the country. Here are the standout insights and opinions from this year’s thought-provoking articles:

Sustainability Initiatives and Organisational Efficiency 

George Moawad, Oceania Country Manager for Genetec, emphasised the pivotal link between physical security and sustainability goals. In alignment with the Australian Government’s Net Zero policy, Moawad stressed that all organisations, irrespective of sector, must prioritise sustainable operations and reduce carbon emissions. 

The Evolving Dynamics of Volunteerism 

Rebecca Miller, Head of SEEK Volunteer, highlighted the positive trend in volunteer opportunities. With a 7% rise in advertised opportunities from the previous year, the most sought-after causes include community services, seniors and Aged care, education and training, health, young people, and disability services, indicating a widespread commitment to diverse social causes. 

The intersection of Climate Action and Gender Equality 

Amanda Martin, CEO of the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network, emphasised the interconnection of climate action and gender equality. She urged philanthropic individuals to recognise the parallel significance of supporting women’s rights and environmental sustainability. 

Dr Aleisha Davis, CEO of The Shepherd Centre, emphasised the need for gender-balanced leadership roles in the charity sector. Despite ongoing disparities, Davis noted a positive trend of more women stepping into leadership roles, shedding light on the imperative need for gender balance in the sector. 

Kirsty Robertson, CEO of Caritas Australia, reiterated the necessity for collective efforts to address gender disparities in various aspects of Australian society, highlighting the persistence of gender inequalities despite significant strides. 

Redefining the Work Environment and Meaningful Engagement 

Nina Mapson Bone, author of Meaningful Work, discussed the universal quest for meaningful careers and their relevance amid ongoing talent shortages. She highlighted the emergence of trends like ‘quiet quitting’ and the importance of introspection in understanding one’s career purpose. 

Bone further emphasised the significance of meaningful work in the sustainability and built environment industries. Acknowledging gaps in prior research, she stressed the importance of a holistic perspective encompassing psychological and sociological aspects to define true meaningfulness at work. 

Revolutionising Healthcare Accessibility through Technology 

Steven Quinlan, Growth and Strategy Consultant at Touch Biotechnology highlighted the paradigm shift in healthcare practices. The exponential rise in demand for telehealth services signifies a willingness among patients and medical professionals to embrace innovative healthcare solutions, ultimately reshaping how medical consultations are conducted. 

In conclusion, these insights underscore the pivotal transformations occurring within non-profit sectors, urging a collaborative approach towards sustainability, gender equality, and innovative strategies to create meaningful impact and inclusivity within communities. 

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Menchie Khairuddin is a writer Deputy Content Manager at Akolade and content producer for Third Sector News. She is passionate about social affairs specifically in mixed, multicultural heritage and not-for-profit organisations.


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