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Telstra Business Women’s For Purpose & Social Enterprise award winner named

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Megan Gilmour, the Co-Founder and CEO of MissingSchool, was awarded the 2019 Telstra Australian Capital Territory Business Women’s For Purpose & Social Enterprise Award.

Gilmour co-founded MissingSchool when she came together with two other mothers after their children had survived critical and life-threatening illnesses. In her role, Megan helps sick children maintain their connection with school.

River Paul, Chief Economist and Statistician of the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA),  was named the 2019 Telstra Australian Capital Territory Business Woman of the Year.

In her role, Paul provides insight about the economy of the future and works to educate and empower decision makers, both in households and businesses.

She aims to give the power back to the public, allowing them to understand what to expect if things go wrong in the economy.

“As technology continues to transform our world, algorithms, data and analytics will continue to grow in importance,” Paul said.

For 24 years, the Telstra Business Women’s Awards have recognised and celebrated the outstanding achievements of Australian women in business.

Telstra Marketing and Chief Brand Officer, Jeremy Nicholas, congratulated the Australian Capital Territory winners, who, he said, were all inspiring examples of leaders challenging the status quo within and beyond their industries.

“These winners are undoing traditional business practices by using their own unique approach to rewrite what it means to be successful. They’re championing inclusion, innovation, and inspiring others to do the same,” Nicholas said.

“The solutions Ms Paul has implemented have seen AFSA’s processes become globally regarded as best practice. She leads the way in providing human-centred solutions to issues including personal insolvency. A leader in her field, she strives to make the greatest positive impact she can and dares to work differently.”

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