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5 communication activities to improve project outcomes

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When putting together your next project team give some thought to who is responsible for communications.

Too often the communication of the project is set aside until the time comes to tell someone about it. ‘When the research paper is finished, we will publish it’, or ‘when we have finalised our new membership program we will give it to the public relations team’. However, communications should not be left until the end of a project. Having the right approach to communications throughout a project can make telling your story at the end a fait accompli.

1. Inception meeting

Before the project begins, brief the entire project team on what the project objectives are and the steps required to achieve them. There should also be regular meetings held to discuss progression, any difficulties encountered and ensure the project is moving forward.

2. Record and communicate meeting outcomes

This will allow points discussed to be revisited in next meeting to ensure they have been actioned and keep the project on-track.

3. Identify key stakeholders and their drivers

This should be done early so that no one is forgotten or left behind, which can delay the project.

4. Develop key messages

Have a clear understanding about what your project aims to achieve and communicate. Adapt key messages when necessary as the project progresses so that communications are delivered in the best way at all times to ensure an optimum reception.

5. Consider the end story

Thinking early about the message you would like to eventually communicate helps a project shape the right story from day one.

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