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6 tips for choosing the ultimate conference venue

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Choosing the right venue for a conference or meeting can be a minefield, particularly with so many new spaces for business events across the nation. So how do you choose the right location to ensure that all delegates, key stakeholders and, most importantly, the boss is happy?

1. Choose a central location

Ensuring your venue is easily accessible for delegates is perhaps the most important factor when choosing a location for your next event. Ask yourself, is the venue near public transport? Is there accommodation close by? Are there restaurants in walking distance? An event is often deemed successful by the number of delegates in attendance, so make it easy for them to attend.

2. Flexibility

The flexibility of a venue, particularly relating to configurations and catering, can often make or break the budget of an event. For example, many conferences require a main space, such as a plenary hall, as well as rooms for brainstorming sessions or separate meetings. Therefore ask the question, can the plenary be broken down into individual spaces or will you be required to book a number of separate rooms need to be booked? Don’t be afraid to ask questions as you may save valuable dollars.

3. Size

Size does matter, so be sure to find a venue that suits the magnitude of your event. If a space is too large for the number of delegates in attendance the room will look empty, leaving delegates to question why they are there. On the other hand, not having enough space can be equally detrimental to a delegate’s experience. When booking your venue ensure there is the flexibility to downsize or expand.

If there is an exhibition involved, make sure the venue can cope with the amount of booths required; ensure walking space and room for catering has been taken into consideration and most importantly, ensure there is adequate access for exhibitors to bump in and out of the venue.

4. AV and Technology

In the technologically savvy environment we live in and have grown so accustomed to, quality audio visual (AV) is a must, yet still proves to be a major sticking point both in terms of cost and ease of use. Many venues have in-house AV suppliers, which kills two birds with one stone. Additionally, more and more venues are now offering free standard equipment such as projectors, screens, lecterns and microphones, which can really prove to be a cost saver. Many delegates are now using tablets to take notes, so venues with free wireless internet are also a good choice.

5. Venue services

When budgets are tight, look at the additional services a venue can provide for both you as the organiser and for delegates. For example, an appointed event manager will ensure the process runs smoothly for the organiser, while parking facilities will be an added bonus for delegates. Never be afraid to ask for additional inclusions.

6. Conduct a site inspection

Before you book a venue go and see it so you have a vivid picture of what is required and to ensure your event is a success. This is the only way to know what you are going to get.

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