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A new look for SSEE’s member magazine

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The Society for Sustainability and Environmental Engineering (SSEE), a technical association of Engineers Australia, has partnered with Great Southern Press to launch its new member magazine Sustainability and Infrastructure.

Great Southern Press also publishes Third Sector magazine and is the parent company of Third Sector Services, which provides publishing, event, marketing and graphic design services to associations and not-for-profit organisations.

The SSEE have expressed their delight with the new magazine, and excitement at its thought-provoking direction. At the official launch of Sustainability and Infrastructure at the SSEE 2011 International Conference in October 2011, the SSEE National Board congratulated Great Southern Press on the first edition of the publication and encouraged their members to actively participate in the creation of future editions.

The new magazine, Sustainability and Infrastructure, has a more modern design than SSEE’s previous member publication The Environmental Engineer, which was produced from 2002 to 2010.

“SSEE’s new magazine was designed in consultation with the Society to communicate their appreciation of sustainability and reflect the organisation’s professionalism and innovation,” said Great Southern Press’ Creative Director Michelle Cross.

An association’s magazine is a reflection on their organisation, so it is important to have a well-designed, professional magazine that will appeal to both current and prospective members.

“The new-look SSEE magazine Sustainability and Infrastructure signifies a milestone for SSEE,” says Immediate Past National SSEE Chair Deane Belfield.

SSEE Board Member and incoming National President of Engineers Australia David Hood says that he applauds Great Southern Press and the SSEE for the initiative, describing it as a “great team effort in the true spirit of sustainability.”

About the SSEE

SSEE emerged in 2005, being a rename of The Environmental Engineering Society, which was established in 1994. SSEE is an industry association with members from professions of engineering and the natural and social sciences working towards environmental sustainability. SSEE recognises the importance of sustainability in the engineering profession. The Society is affiliated with the Environmental College and is part of Engineers Australia.

Want to know more about Sustainability and Infrastructure?

Sustainability and Infrastructure provides a forum for discussion and debate not only between SSEE members but for a wider audience with a growing interest in sustainability.

To find out more about the magazine or to subscribe visit or call 03 9248 5100.

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