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ACNC says charities can contribute significantly to conversations on the Voice referendum 

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Australia’s charity regulator has released information for charities considering contributing to conversations taking place about the Australian Government’s planned referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. 

 “Charities can engage in advocacy activities and they often do. This year, some charities might want to advocate for a particular outcome on the referendum,” said ACNC Commissioner Sue Woodward AM said.  

Woodward highlighted that a charity planning to undertake advocacy activities must be able to demonstrate how the advocacy can further the purpose included in its Constitution.  

“In the case of the planned referendum, some charities may just want to make a statement of support for the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ case. An example would be a message in the charity’s email signature block. This would not jeopardise their registration with the ACNC,” added Woodward.  

‘Charities, Advocacy and the Planned Referendum on An Indigenous Voice to Parliament ’ is now available on the ACNC website. 

This explains that the people responsible for running a charity – such as Directors, CEOs and senior workers (paid or volunteer) – should be clear about how their charity will advocate.  

Together with setting boundaries, they should be clear about the kinds of things that can be stated and done in the name of their charity. 

It also clarifies the significance of advocacy being lawful, respectful, and equitable in order to guarantee that the charity and its executives fulfil their commitments under the ACNC’s Governance Standards. 

The ACNC also has more detailed information on advocacy by registered charities and charities, campaigning and advocacy which can help charities make decisions about their contributions to the conversation on the referendum. 

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